EVO Question

I’ve been thinking of going to EVO 2010 and I wanted to know if you compete do you have to use an arcade stick and can you bring a different controller.

Bring anything you want as long as it’s not a programmable/macro pad and it can’t be wireless.

So I could bring a regular 360 controller cuz that’s what im good with, to the surprise of many

evo is ps3 exclusive

If you can find an adapter to make it work on PS3 go for it.

Which we would recommend against since they have dropping input and lag.

Yeah but as long as we’re recommending then just play on a stick :arazz:

I see playing on a stick this way, I don’t go to arcades therefore playing on a stick would take at least a week for me to adapt another reason is i’ve been using a regular controller for years so it would be easier on me to just play with a controller. People think I’m playing on a stick anyways.

so does that mean that the games there going hold are all PS3 systems?

and are they going to include Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Tourney Event for next years EVO

We can’t say for sure but last year was all PS3.

And games haven’t been announced yet. We’ll probably know more around february/march.

Last year GG and 3S were on PS2 and MvC2 was on the DC, no?

Oh sorry, I was talking about SFIV and Tekken. I feel bad about saying this but more like the “big” games.

Well if you want to be prepared at EVO overall I’d recommend getting a PS2/PS1 stick and then bringing PSX to PS2/DC/GC converters.

In the BYOC area there are usually a good amount of PS2/DC setups so having a PS2/DC stick allows you to play a ton of games with your own stick without the hassle of borrowing.

Helpful thread. I’m kinda curious as to why the decision was made to choose PS3 over 360 last year? It seems that fighting games have a bigger fan base on the 360, but I might just be subconsciously biased. shrugs

I have a question but I don’t want to make an entire thread for it.

I searched and couldn’t find it, but does anyone have a list of the number of entries for each individual game? i remember someone saying SF4 was over a thousand. I’m wondering what the other numbers were as well.

Sony is a sponsor. Hardware is more reliable.

I would die laughing if they used 360’s and one RROD’d in the middle of a tourney.

“You did not earn a trophy”

Yeah, their consoles didn’t cause any issues at the tournament, PS3 is so awesome

Wiz himself said why no less than 10 different times. If you donate all the 360’s that are needed to run Evo to him then it might happen. They already had the PS3’s.

ah i see is anyone i this thread goin for the TVC part :wonder: