Evo post-mortem thread

Post evo analysis, discussion here.

I think the NW team did an awesome job. I had a great time. I think we really put NW on the map as a team this year, with very respectable performances in HDR and SF4 (did we enter any other games?).

Trace Prewitt.

I fixed it for you. :razzy:

I’m kinda sad that no one on the live stream commented on the sick t-shirts. They just didn’t know. I’d really like to know what the team as a whole thought what went wrong against the east coast during the 5v5. You can only see so much on the stream.

ScrubbyDan vs justin wong, man that match was great you almost had him, closer then anyone besides Daigo.
and mad props to BBH.

BBH lost vs valle. The commentators got confused when the players shuffled. BBH doesn’t play Ryu lol

I want to call out Axel Kelly for some amazing shit this evo:

  • Highest placing guile player in HDR (13th, tied with Daigo)
  • Beat Graham Wolfe’s Balrog in HDR 1v1
  • Beat Dave Spence’s Dhalsim in ST 3v3
  • Beat Henry Cen’s Balrog in ST 3v3
  • Close set vs Afrolegend’s Balrog in HDR 1v1
  • Countersupered some Balrog in pools, everyone went nuts but he didn’t hear (was on headphones)

Also I want to call out BBH. Stellar performance, 9th place at his first Evo. Beat Mike Watson’s ryu!

And awesome job to Cole, BBH, and Axel for taking us to THIRD PLACE in 3v3 HDR regionals. There were some really buff teams out there and I was proud to be on a team with you guys.

are you sure? thats what me and my friend were saying too, but everytime we brought it up the announcers would clarify who is who, so i was pretty convinced.

Hurry up and wake up, guys! Geez. I want to know about your pool play and such. :rofl:

You guys did good. Next year, you’ll do even better.

It was cool watching you guys on the live stream, and from the sound of it, the crowd was cheering for you guys as the underdog (in the 5 vs 5) and the announcers mentioned that the Northwest have a large cheering section:bgrin:

Personally, I was a bit disappointed that Cole lost to Cammy, but shit happens - I’m sure he’ll train hard versus Cammy’s to prep himself for next year. Cammy is personally my most hated character to fight against because of her insane recovery time.

Also, obligated props to ScrubbyDan for almost beating Justin - that focus was pretty surprising, but spot on.

Mad props to everyone who repped NW hard at evo this year!

I’m pretty sure a handful of people entered Marvel

that was awesome, I want the videos

I hope the pool brackets will go up. Pools were ROUGH. Making it out of a pool was like getting top 4 at NW majors :slight_smile:

winner’s bracket was easy, I lost in the finals to an alright vega when I was burnt out, should have ate more

loser’s finals was harder, sweetjohnnyv was kind of aggressive, but I’m used to dhalsim’s that run away, I kept trying to sumo drop through yoga flame, that apparently will never go through

In SF4 I tried one match. I lost to that pad fei long :stuck_out_tongue:

aye this is jon, it was cool kickin it with you guys. shout outs to jay, pablo, julian, weeks, brent, and whoever else i met… i’m hella tired right now

see y’all again next year

Well when Valle was hitting really deep dragon punches and then looked happy when he won I knew… And he was in the next round or two and ended up losing in top 8 to Damdai

Shoulda put BBH on that 5on5 team.

BTW they did point out the NW shirts on the live stream at least a couple times

Oh they did? I must not have been watching at those times. I was out for a good chunk of the afternoon. Tuned into that 5v5, though.

BBH did really well, but Cole picked the people on team for which character they used. He left out some good people on purpose because their character wouldn’t have had as good matchups.

EVO was godlike.

I’ll post more later.