EVO Pools Highlights/Upsets/etc

For us at work that can’t watch the stream or just for a few min everynow and then, i know people anyway will be discussing the upsets, highlights, dark horses, etc… so better do it in 1 thread from scratch…

Good idea. I too want to watch the stream but I’m here at work so I at best can watch it for a few minutes at a time.


might as well call this, updates for those @ work

anyone know how many people entered ssf4?

People are saying 4,000+ although that has not been officially confirmed :looney:

That number sounds a tad ridiculous…

funny thing is that i put that at first, but tough people can discuss upsets and whatnot too during the weekend

ahhh, yeah, 4000 people is kinda…not possible? can you do a 4000 man tournament in a weekend?

and thats what, a 40k pot? last I heard it was over 20k, so it jumping that high in a month or 2 is pretty impressive…

it’s 1700-1800 entrants for super.

Pretty much…although i think i can stream it but i dont want any nosey employees coming over

Dude I am rdp’d into my home pc to watch :confused:

Fuck the stream won’t play on my work computer. Anything happen yet that is worth mentioning?

Hear the stream is lagging really bad anyway. Hope it’s not like that come the finals.


just got word that my homie, JR beat flash in pools. 831 in da house.

laggy stream ftl.

JR Rodriguez? Oh boy, don’t tell me Flash got demon’d like 8 times again like he did in Evo 2009.

nah not Jr rodriguez. this JR is a local honda player.

Are DSP & free1up in the house?

I heard jwong got put in the losers bracket

Jwong was sent to losers in TvC

Hype Matches:
Mike Ross vs. Ricky O. (not the good one): Ross wins
Chris Hu vs. Inthul : Hu wins.

Edit: but IRC is saying Justin is also in losers in SSFIV. (could just be stream monsters lying to me though).

That’s revenge for Hu being salty about losing to Inthul at ECT2.