Evo partners with Allisbrawl!

Craziness in Vegas! Get Hype!


Good idea on the ruleset…hopefully more Brawl players will turn up this time around.

Holy crap that’s a lot of rules for Brawl.

only 2 rules in brawl

  1. fox only
  2. only stage that can be used “final destination”

Out of curiousity, will Brawl finals be on the big screen on sunday as well?

Nice to see smash gets representation at this years evo.

SF, SC, KOF, Smash… with the exception of Tekken (lack of BR) looks like nobody was left out. Evo’s gonna be HOT! Or even…


ugh…nobody from SMASH is allowed at the hotel floor party

I’m sorry but you forgot rule #3, the most important rule. . . . no items.

Not like any of them are legal anyway so no need for that rule.

while the men of evo will be in the clubs and casinos…
the smash players will have their place too.

chuck e cheeses.

I love you guys. :lol:

No homo.

:lol: :rofl:

The people running this side event – jv3x3 and myself – are probably older than many of the Real Evo people, so don’t hate :).

Doubles too?

Good to hear… I hope the community steps up and attends.

What the fuck there’s a chuck e. cheese nearby?

Fuck yes.

fuck the haters, i think this is a good idea :pray:

Good stuff. I’m glad that the two sides can reconsile their differences and get along. I hope this Brawl tourney gets crazy attendence, because it’d be awesome to see how many people would be attracted to the combined power of Brawl and SF4.

Oh lawd…

Smash had to find its way in somehow. :lol:

Glad you guys get another chance to represent yourselves tho.

Hopefully we get sponsorship from axe body spray, evo gonna smell like ass cheeks

Rules for smash are amazing, good stuff.

I’ll consider attending now :).