EVO ONLINE: who is playing in it Nor Cal?

Title says it all guys. Post up if you are in the tourney this coming Sat! Remember registration ends on the 10th! Let’s go NOR CAL!!!

The List of players:

  1. Tyram
  2. Crizzle
  3. Blk_Brotha
  4. Chucky
  5. KidIkorus
  6. Grimmz


Thnx LPN :slight_smile:

Keep it coming guys!


I would enter, but I’m broke as fuck right now. =(
And my damn xbox is being repaired…dammit!

Last day to register Is Dec 10th at 12 pm PST


Im entering

Grimmz told me he is in.

:lol: Same except instead of xbox out my TV is out So I’m definitely not entering :sad: