Evo Monitor 480p?

Can anyone tell me how the Evo monitor (asus vh236h) handles 640x480 signals, i.e. dreamcast vga or progressive scan ps2 games. Can you force the right aspect ratio, or does it just look all stretched and crappy?

I have a VH226H (same thing, just a smaller screen), and I have been unable to force the screen into 4:3 at 480p. I can do it with my PC games at 800x600 or above, but the option is disabled for whatever reason at 640x480. It doesn’t stretch all the way on mine, it actually kinda sets the image to the left side with like an inch or so black bar on the right side. A little annoying, but I’ve learned to deal with it. Though if you’re looking for perfection out of it, you’ll be disappointed.

hey thanks dude, that helps alot