Evo Moment #37 recreated in FictionSphere

Hey guys im here to share with you a new game that’s on Kickstarter. It looks to be a street fighter Inspired platformer. The team itself is known mainly for the Mega man ZX Genesis fan game, but it looks like they are trying to spread out and need some help. They Just made a little parody of the Evo moment through their game FictionSphere Check it out! I’ll also put a link to thier game project and kickstarter! They need all the support, for such a cool looking game!


Looks a lot like Megaman Zero



Looks like you just borrowed stage assets from Mega Man X, made your own characters, copied Dante’s moveset and called it your own original game. I’m pretty sure those robot lion things are from a mega Man game too. Don’t remember which

Ewwwww…another MMX themed knockoff.

This is the drizzling shits.

This project actually looks pretty cool. Check his fund page its got a lot of neato ideas.