Evo Madness


Get Hype.

Good stuff.


i was tryin to duck one of these moments…but ugggh…I GOT GOT!!!

Daaaaaaaamn! =)

sheesh =o

“JESUS CHRIST!” :looney:

Serious Biznus!

I just decided to get into Marvel a bit ago, wish I was a fan during this, that was amazing.

LOL that ST comment was gloden. Dope match.


I think because of that my CYCLOPS is the BEST IN THE WORLD.

Sorry chris. LOL

Smh that was nice! Hey Wong where u at a lil ps2 marvel tourney back in like march or april at bulletproof comics in flatbush?? wasnt sure if that was you or not lol

That guy Justin Wong is SIKKKKKKKKKKKKK

Nothing beats being there live to witness that. Where’s the Jwong vs. Dark Prince match.

Justiiiin woooong.:sweat:

and i had front row seats to that toooo baby!!!

truly the best comback at evo this year…

Almost dirtier then his Cable comeback.

Justin Wooooonnnnnnng.

marvel > all other 8 games at evo

^cvs2 finals were pretty damn good too