EVO Japan 2018 - January 26th-28th | Stream Archive



01: https://youtu.be/WIil6IIEyQY
02: https://youtu.be/vU5xS99s2Y8
03: https://youtu.be/gxnqsme3YT0

Website: https://evo-japan.net/2018/en/
SmashGG Site: https://smash.gg/tournament/evojapan2018
Commentators (English): https://twitter.com/EVO/status/956540244412678145


4996 Individual Participants (Main Event)

● SFVAE - 2263 Entrants
● Tekken7 - 1213 Entrants
● GuiltyGearREV2 - 1210 Entrants
● Super Smash Bros. - 777 Entrants
● BlazBlue Centralfiction - 613 Entrants
● The King of Fighter14 - 551 Entrants
● Arms - 332 Entrants



● Street Fighter VAE | Archive

Day1 Pools Playlist
Day2 Pools Playlist
Top 32 Playlist
Top 8/Finals

● GuiltyGear XrdRev2 | Archive

Top 8/Finals

● Tekken 7 | Archive

Top 64
Top 8/Finals

●King of Fighter | 14 Archive

Top 8/Finals

●BlazBlue Centralfiction | Archive

Top 8/Finals

● ARMS | Archive

Top 8/Finals

● Super Smash Bros | Archive

Top 8/Finals

I assume all of these will be streamed?

at this point i can just guess but its the evo guys behind it and they know how to handle things so i would assume…yes.
not sure about the anime sidetournament going on.

Anyone think this event will have ArcSys explain everything regarding about the roster inclusions & sizes on BBTAG?

maybe but at the end there is not much they can say to make it better.
so i would guess we might get a trailer for some of the dlc chars on bbctb and dbfz and thats it.

btw, some new soulcalibur6 chars are expected to get revealed there too.


added timer in the startpost.

dont forget these days and times are from the japan timezone.
the timer is not timezone bound and shows you in how much day/hours the show starts.
so the time left before it starts which you see there counts for everyone, no matter where you are.


newest stream shedule

Adding the Top 8 Final Videos of each game into the Startpost and Changing it into a Archive Thread

The Evo Japan top8/finals past broadcast is again (as was Evo 2017 finals) missing from the official CapcomFighters twitch channel. Would anyone here have an explanation on why is this?

I’ve had the channel subscription for a long time but it’s just annoying that for Evo finals you have to look elsewhere.

e. Also thanks for adding the links here!

Evo top 8 is always broadcasted on twitch.tv/evo

You can find the archive there.

Thanks for reply. Evo 2017 or Evo Japan top 8/finals broadcasts are still not found on the CapcomFighters Twitch channel, for example the latest video from Evo Japan is top 32 part 5:

I wonder why they aren’t there?

EVO Japan’s Top-8 for SFV was broadcasted on EVO’s official channel, only pools - top 16 were on CapcomFighters

EVO 2017’s VOD is gone because Twitch automatically deletes VODs after 6 months

Ok, I finally got it :slight_smile: The Twitch Evo channel.

Thanks for clearing it up!