EVO "Heart of Gold" Video


Really nice vid. Skii getting mad hype at the end :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure if that video was posted before, but it was an awesome thing to watch.

so godlike

lol, got it here before keits :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice vid.

Really great video. Mad props.

siiick. =P

thanks man i made the video

props to you then. It’s really good. From the shots, to the colors, it really captures the HYPE. Also, lol @ Daigo signing boobs.

Good shit! Great footage, and very good job on the editing.

i didnt make the video

i ment im in the video

this was very good. :slight_smile:

Please someone make a .gif of Skisonic getting hype at the end!

rare footage of Daigo signing someone’s chest.

well… maybe not so rare…

good stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh haha.

Pfff, lol @ “I made the video”…

Awesome video.

Neil Young + daigo signing tits+skisonic’s matisyahu dance = favorited video

that vid is niceeeeeee

Great stuff!