EVO Fight stick pro not recognized by ps3

Dunno what happened, but the stick suddenly no longer works. The console doesn’t recognize it as a controller. I plugged it into my pc and it recognized the controller immediately but the ps3 doesn’t recognize it at all nor do the lights illuminate.

Two things to try first:

  1. Try another stick on your same PS3
  2. Try your stick on another PS3

If another stick works on your PS3, then your EVO stick is busted.
If your EVO stick work on another PS3, then your PS3 is wacked.

Since your PC recognizes the stick, it’s then more likely that something is weird with your PS3 instead.

Usb cable problem maybe?

I don’t have another ps3 to test it on. I guess I’ll try it at my cousins house. I also don’t have another stick to test it with, but the ds3 controller works just fine if its wired but im not sure if its only giving the controller a charge and running via bluetooth to be recognized.

The DS3 only runs Bluetooth, even if it’s connected via a wire.

Actually Duckie found away to bypass bluetooth on a DS3 and go solely off USB, but it so tedious of a hack he gave up doing it. Only other modder I know who attempted it was Gummo, and he refuses to do it now as well. This is especially as point-less as Mr Wizard would still not allow DS3 with the bypass mod at Evo.

it may as well be impossible.

Yeah, I remember those mods.

On the flipside, in the case of the OP, I highly doubt that he has a Duckie- or Gummo-modded DS3.
Although you’re right, I probably could’ve been more specific in that “The stock/unmodded DS3 only runs Bluetooth, even if it’s connected via a wire”.

Back on topic, the OP still needs another stick or other USB controller to test in his current situation.

Agreed. Any ways when Gummo gives up on something, you know it isn’t feasible.
I would make it “a stock unmodded Sony DS3 even with no battery still only runs on Bluetooth”.

I agree OP needs another Stick or USB controller. You can pick up a cheap USB controller from game stop for around $20.