Evo East ST Results

Winners 1. DSP (Balrog) vs. Black Velvet Ryu (Dhalsim) - DSP 2/0
Winners 2. Seth Killian (Balrog) vs. Chris Doyle (Chun Li) - Seth Killian 2/0
Winners Finals. DSP (Deejay) vs. Seth Killian (Balrog) - Seth Killian 2/1

Losers 1. NKI (Chun Li) vs. Henry Cen (Balrog) - Henry Cen 2/0
Losers 2. David Doyle (Ryu) vs. Justin Wong (O.Sagat) - Justin Wong 2/0
Losers 3. Black Velvet Ryu (Dhalsim) vs. Henry Cen (Balrog) - Henry Cen 2/0
Losers 4. Justin Wong (O.Sagat) vs. Chris Doyle (Chun Li) - Chris Doyle 2/0
Losers 5. Henry Cen (Balrog) vs. Chris Doyle (Chun Li) - Chris Doyle 2/0
Losers Finals. Chris Doyle (Chun Li) vs. DSP (Deejay, Vega) - DSP 2/1

Grand Finals. Seth Killian (Balrog) vs. DSP (Deejay, E.Honda) - DSP 3/2
Grand Finals 2. Seth Killian (Balrog) vs. DSP (E.Honda, Deejay) DSP - 3/1

DSP is the winner.

NOTE: I just listed the matches in the order they were run. You can figure out the bracket from that.

Congratulations, dXp!

Good job Chris D. on the Ostin Song win.

Black Velvet - rematch! Must bite more! I got some hot sauce to go with the sumo meat next time.

Good stuff noho, that match was alot of fun and well have to play it back soon. Your Blanka is really quite fantastic and lots of people I talked to after the match had the same opinion. Will you be going to the sbo quals @ tga?

Thanks to east staff and everyone I played and chilled with, DXP is the king of kings, I’ll be making my debut at evo world, see you cats there.

Too much hype in this thread!

Kei, if you’re reading this, send me a pm. (is his screen name also Kei?)

Rambo - It felt like I was playing like I would at some local event while you actually took it up a notch. Rep EC @ Vegas dude!

Sbo probably not… I like a challenge but ST Blanka vs. CE Guile, etc, is a little too much.

Good games everyone, and congrats to DSP, Seth, Chris Doyle, and all the other finishers. :tup:

does anyone have full brackets i would like to see where i actually fell in the bracets after my lost to dave doyle

What the fuck DSP used to not be a scrub?

Its a different DSP. DSP in the ST world refers to someone else. And he’s still competitive

Edit: Wait a minute.EVO EAST? It might actually be the same DSP. …wtf?

lol seriously nigga give it up

Nope it’s the same DSP “Phillip Burnell” that complains about lag and not being able to do anything. He also came top 4 at one EVO full of jap players. Was so surprised when I came across that.

…and now I can beat DSP