Evo East 2 on 2 results & Vids

28 teams total entered and i’m missing maybe 8-10 matches as far as vids go because we got a TV 1/2 way through night 1.

1st: Team Gods In Training - Justin Wong(ken)/Henry Cen(chun)
2nd: Team Chesapeak - Exodus(dudley)/Shinshay(ken)
3rd: Team T.O.S.F - Anurysm X(dudley)/Adam B(ken)
4th: Team X-Men - MutantXP(Necro)/Kzai(yun)
5th: Team 4ocious - J Juice(Urien)/Ill_Will(Makoto)
5th: Team J.S Master - J.S Master(Chun)/Samir(Yun)
7th: Team XBL - Shodokan123(Yun)/DevilJin01(Ibuki)
7th: Team Big Papas - Smoothcat(Chun)/Paul Wall(Akuma)


  1. Exodus 4-0’d Team T.O.S.F to play in grand finals
  2. Justin wong vs shinshay sean vs sean casuals while waiting for henry to finish his t5 matches.

More to come

Sick, MD/VA is too good.


:tup: Good shit to Khang/Eric. You guys played great. :tup:

definitely a great addition to the weekend’s activities. props to shodokan and nagata for making it work, especially since it was canned last year. it was really fun not being anchor and using dudley. made the game tons more fun!

I beat your black boxing ass but couldn’t beat the white boy again…

i demands 2 out of 3 against yoU! >_<

exo-techsodus is god among men

due to my family having a party today, i wont have anything up till later tonight… but there are TONS of vids… no offense to scrubs but unless you are playing a good team i’m not wasting my time uploading them :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Colin for all the work that you put in for running this tourney.

Nagata: Thanks for the props.


Why u gotta hate on us scrubs for =(

you arnt no scrub… i was talking like me :stuck_out_tongue:

MD/VA is awesome. that is all

co-sign :frowning: :frowning: for why

I taped a lot of 3S money matches from the Sunday night. I will be posting them late tonight (around 11:00pm EST) when I get back from work. I also taped the 3S Team Tourney WF and LF and random sets. I don’t know if I’ll bother posting them if Shodokan is going to post the direct feed himself though.

im posting the direct feed as soon as i get time to download all the DVD’s

yo colin put up top 5 for the team results
28 teams of 2 on 2 thats godlike

team comeback tied for like 14th :frowning: :frowning: thats fine next time hopefully my partner can actually win one match ggs to all paul wall ur akuma is GODLIKE!!!

your friend’s dudley needs alot of work, no offense ment.

will do, getting the brackets from kayin asap.