EVO Day 2 Pics and Coverage

Some pics I took from Day 2 Semifinals:

Enjoy! :smiley:

Thanks a lot.

I like that C.Viper cosplay on that girl. Cute.

Been up all freaking day watching feed.

It’ll be interesting to finally see some other games tomorrow on the feed

Good stuff, and Rashaan picking C viper was a big mistake, everyone knew that Ed ma knew that Viper match really well.

day 2 was a good day :smiley:

he took 2 mins to choose her 2

sorry if this has been covered, but anyone know if there is a link to watch hdr matches from earlier today?

Grand finals will be Daigo vs Ed Ma…bet it!
(hehe right guys??)

Daigo vs. Dan for Ryu mirror match final game!

Rashaan was only winning because Ed Ma clearly doesn’t know that match-up. I knew he was going down as soon as he switched.

I think what sucks the most of that whole thing is that Wong and Triforce were telling Rashaan to pick Sim