EVO Championships

Instead of being in 1 location (Las Vegas, NV area) every year, should EVO Championships be at different locations in the United States just like USGA’s US Open, USCF’s US Open, NFL’s Superbowl, etc.

Yes or no.

The NFL superbowl is generally only in certain states. Pretty much ignoring every state above the mason dixon line because they wouldn’t be able to have their media week in a cold city like NYC, Greenbay or Seattle during the month of February. So that isn’t exactly a great example.

Though originally it did start in California under the Battle By The Bay series. So basically it hasn’t always been in Vegas, but for the last 10 years or so it has been.

If they can get good locations at prices comparable to Vegas it might be worth looking into. But for now I don’t see the point. Good location, tons of stuff to do around ton.

Thanks for the input and everything. Theonly EVOs I’ve been to were in 2006 and 2008. 2006 was for HSF2 and CVS2. 2008 was for ST, but I missed the ST pools so I didn’t get to play. Was great nonetheless though.

Since 2016 marks the 10th anniversary from the 2006 EVO. Do you guys/gals believe EVO 2016 should be held at:

On another note, should we have a classical chess side tournament so that the top chess players mingle with the top Street Fighter players…

The traveling EVO argument has been around ever since it dropped the B name. It always falls on deaf ears. It’s annoying.

I would love it to be at Baltimore one day. I know there is the NEC in Philly but another east coast EVO type con won’t hurt.

Its not happening. Vega is the perfect spot for the FGC, and has stadiums that can hold our attendance.

I see. Red Rock would have been cool, but Westgate is cool as well!

What does everyone else think…