Evo Championship Series: Inaugural Match?

Hey guys, I wanted to give my little idea, and I hope you like it!

I was thinking; maybe Evo should have an Inaugural Match to kick off the Evo Tournament every year? You know, between two awesome players. It could be any game that hypes up the entire community.

Now I know what you’re wondering, “It wouldn’t be so hype if one of the players just bodies the other player flat out…” So here my idea for at least one year of the Evo Championship Series World Finals:

Full-Roster Challenge

  • Pit two world-class players (Ex. Daigo and Justin Wong) and have them play a First to 10 match on Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.
  • Best 2 out of 3 Rounds.
  • You can only pick a character once in the entire First to 10 set. Once you play one character, neither player can ever pick that character ever again. (Ex. Daigo picks Yun, Justin Wong picks Rufus for one match. After that match has ended, Daigo and Justin Wong can no longer use both Yun and Rufus for the remainder of the Challenge)
  • Random can be chosen once for both characters.
  • Whoever wins 10 matches first is the winner.

I did first to 10 so that if it ever reaches where both players both hit 9-9 there are still characters left to use, lol. Also, this way the Inaugural match wouldn’t be so one-sided.

Thoughts? What would your ideas be to kick off the Evo Championship Series World Finals?

how about a 3s fight to hype up the upcoming 3S:Online
daigo (Gill) vs justin (Q)

This sounds cool.Id like to see an exhibition between Valle and Daigo in Super Turbo or something.

I don’t see Wong and Daigo wanting to give anything out to their opponent before the tournament but hey I could be wrong, maybe they would want as much practice against each other as possible.

This, if it was a tournament game I would expect a ton of sandbagging

Sounds like a good idea. Maybe the pre-party at Insert Coins will have some intense exhibition matches between top players.

it would take too long and be like preseason footbal: just get to the matches that count. how bout just an intro video

Rematch Between Neo And ClockW0rk!!!

This is where something like the MvC3 5v5 would be cool.

This thread reminds me of how they used to do it. I went from 2k3-2k5, and there was always a special event on Friday night. Pools would run all day, then they’d kick everyone out for a couple hours while they set up the room, then do a special event. I remember MVC2 EC v WC was either 2k3 or 4, and the US vs JPN tekken 5 5v5 was 2k5. Then on saturday they would run the brackets down to top 8. At night, they’d do the top 8 for one of the games. Think i remember them doing VF4 in 2k3, but that was when they had like 8 games. All day sunday was top 8 for the rest.

It was cool because each night you had some hype shit to watch. Hope they do that again this year for the sake of spectators, but the player in me wants them to run through this shit as smoothly as possible. I think the way they have the schedule set up now is great.