EVO 2k5 predictions!

If you predict right, you win a COOKIE!

MvC2: JWong…again
CvS2: Kindebu or Ricky. They are pretty evenly matched and solid players. Let me think for a second…hmmm…sure, I’ll predict that Ricky wins this year. First time an american would win a worldwide championship, right?
3S: KO or Daigo. Both solid players once again. I guess I’ll go with KO on this one.
GGXX #R: Kindebu. Hes got this one locked down I believe.
CFE: If this tourney does happen, then I’ll go with Combofiend if hes going, if not then I guess I don’t know.

As far as 3D fighters go, I’m not exactly sure how those will go.

So, I guess my results look alot like last years, but Ricky won over Kindebu this time.


anyone want to predict how and what game justin wong will get owned in this year?

Meh, I’ll throw out names…

1st. We already know who
2. Duc Do
3. David L
4. Soo
5. Potter
5. Chunk
7. Combofiend
7. Reset


  1. Kindenbu
  2. Otaku
  3. Choi
  4. Combofiend
  5. Ricky
  6. Buck
  7. Dan
  8. Justin


  1. Daigo. I’ll say he breaks tradition this time
  2. KO
  3. Ohnuki
  4. Raoh
  5. Justin
  6. Vic
  7. Yi
  8. Tokido

i’m gonna say mvc2 and say the curse goes 3s,mvc2,3s,mvc2

That’s an… interesting marvel list.

Im not sure who’s going but

  1. Wazzler
  2. David Lee
  3. X
  4. Isaac Graham
  5. Reset
  6. Potter
  7. Wiggy
  8. Takayuki

Thats my story and Im sticking to it.

That’s an… interesting story. Anyway, if you’re wondering, my list is more or less based on what i’ve seen at ecc and at recent tournies and who i know is going. Duc is playing VERY strong right now. David L, Soo, and Chunk would’ve easily made a big impact at ECC had they gone. X might or might not go to Evo from what i’ve heard. Otherwise, he’d for sure probably be on my list. Issac and Wiggy are i’d say are contendors for 5th through 9th. And Marvel history has shown that NOBODY gets 2nd two years in a row at ECC and Evo so i’ll keep David L out of second for now…

Other guys who can make top 8:
Pretty much the whole Hawaii crew
Is Jmar even comin?
Randy Lew: hey, top 5 two years in a row. Who else can say they’ve done that other than Wong and Row?
Chris Schmitt

all in all, marvel at high levels gets too competitive to call down the line.

Edit: I’ll say Taka gets 13th when he runs into good old american cheese. Mitsu gets randomized one match away from qualifying. Also, I predict Hawaiian Ryan to get 9th for the 3rd consecutive year in a row.

Hawaiian RYan Wont be making it this year.

Hawaii People are so far:

Me Dj-B13
Golden Nismor

otaku will not get 2nd. he’s dope, but his team is too gimmicky/inconsistent by nature. if i can split games with him when we’re both playing our serious teams, there’s problems. not putting mago in top 8? he’ll get top 5 easy. tokido will get top 3. the fact that ohnuki plays N-akuma will get him in trouble. he’s fine until he plays a solid A-blanka OR viscant. i will agree that kindevu will get 1st. after that, it’s a cluster-fuck of good players. too close to call.

For Marvel, I’m of course gonna go with Justin on top.

I dunno about Randy, I’ve always had faith with him getting top 5, but this year he seems to have taken it easier in Marvel, as he’s been getting top 5 in local tournaments compared to getting top 2 as he did in 03 and 04. At Evo2k3, he even put Soo and Row into losers!

I don’t have faith in Duc either because of the fact that spiral’s liable to getting killed by the fafillions of Magneto’s which have been getting more and more random.

I see a Japanese player breaking into the Top 8 because they’re probably going to get favorable seeds and plus they’re really good, but then stopping at 7th.

As far as second goes, I can’t think of any likely candidates because I have no idea what East Coast players are coming and since Socal’s scene is pretty hard to figure out for outsiders.

I can see Ricky getting close to top 8. People tend to forget that he usually does surprisingly well in nationals and never put him in their top 8.

what’s so good about kindebu (golden fatty)

Isn’t Sawada better than him?

ST: Diago or Kuni.
3S: KO or Diago.
CvS2: Kindebu
MvC2: JWong or Sanford Kelly.
GGXX#R: Kindebu

And I base this on Evo2k4 and ECCX results.

was gonna say pretty much the same thing. :wow:

i have faith in Duc getting top 8 simply because he’s not like any other spirals. he pretty much is spiral. and in the event you get past spiral, you’d have his cable to deal with. That and not all his teams are built around spiral. His storm/sent and sent/cable teams are also vicious as well.

While i do think Mitsu and Taka have the ability to make top 8, i wouldn’t put a lot of money on it. Taka’s problem last year was that he ran into guys who could play defensive a lot better than anyone else he ever faced. If they run into someone who abuses a single strategy better than anyone else they’ve faced (and you’ve got like the top 30% of marvel players who can do that), they may have problems.

I forgot Mago and Tokido were comin for CVS. Put them in the top 5. On a side note, i do not want to see Justin vs. Mago ever again. No hate on either of those guys, but watchin that in 2k3 was ugly. I also seriously hope Ohnuki makes top 8 without having to play Viscant again.
It’s fun watching his Akuma as long as he isn’t gettin knifed.

Oh yeah, ST prediction:

  1. Daigo (again)
  2. Ohnuki
  3. Kuni
  4. Watson
  5. Choi
  6. Valle
  7. Cole
  8. Wong

i predict a lame thread making it to 21908303894 pages.

I predict you are racist!

I predict:

A bunch of people talking a bunch of shit before the tournament, and then nothing happening.

Hella people setting up money matches and not showing.

Marvel will still be boring to watch.

T5 will get beasted on by Nina.

i will add on to my first post and say mvc2 with a perfect

Guys, What makes you all think that Mago will get top 5? I personally think BAS is better then he is. Plus, does he still do that E. Honda headbutt you all day long shit? Thats not solid fighting guys, its sloppy, sloppy fighting.

Hes going to get owned at everything except for marvel this year. We should seriously have a justin wong face reaction cam for when he gets owned. Seriously, it was fuckin funny as hell watching him mash buttons and twirl his stick with panic as daigo parried all his shit and made him eat it.
I seriously don’t see him in in the CvS2 brackets. Hell, at 3s, he’ll get in the losers bracket at best. KO, Daigo, Raoh, and Vic = full winner’s bracket.

What makes you underestimate Mago that bad? You hate him somehow in personally? I don’t understand your act.
You know nothing about things going on in More arcade.
Mago recently concentrate and practice really hard than anyone who is coming to evo. Your personal thought isn’t correct at all.
If he had participated evo2k4, he would have possibly won cvs2.
He is a solid fighting guy.

If you know little, then could you shut up such false propaganda?

The Mago hate is strong. I love it. :clap:

He spams the Honda hands, RC grabs, and Level 2 supers, not the headbutt. The rest of the time he’s the biggest turtle you’ll ever see in your whole life. Lame? Hell yeah, that play style is lame as fat person’s junk in my opinion. You can’t argue about it’s effectiveness in CvS2 though. For some people, it gives them confidence to talk down about another person they’re going to have to face soon. To down play Mago’s strength in the sentence you wrote is a gross understatement though.

The top 5 comment is just going to little too heavy on the fanboyism, and I’m going to laugh when Mago gets like 7th instead. My prediction is that Mago is going to block a lot with Vega, but then he’s going to get out-randomed by some tactic even gayer or stupider than the tactics he himself usually uses.

Unless he’s changed his play style recently, Mago’s not unsolid. He’s like BAS and plays like a homo that’s all. I’m not going to pull a self-delusional tactic and claim that I can do it myself, but I truly hope one of the non-jock riding Americans beasts the gay out of him to make all the fanboys cry.

edit: Anybody can win Evo this year since so many good players are coming and many weaker players from before have seriously stepped up their games.