Evo 2k12 KOF 13 finals (parody)


let me know what you think, and please get salty as you like by all means neccesary

The most epic whupping Bala has ever been given.

That was the most stupid parody I ever saw. Bala lost but it was a great match, not a “whupping” as you’re trying to show.

bala loved this video he said rofl

:bluu: … A parody? Why?

Because parodying one of the greatest Grand Finals in EVO history is ‘fun’ now apparently?

sigh The match itself was glorious, but this parody is a pointless gesture. The fact that Bala and MadKOF were both evenly matched in terms of skill does not help either.

bala loved this video if youre not mexican i guess you wouldnt understand

You’re just now replying to that? Whether Bala loved the video or not is irrelevant.

They weren’t evenly matched. Bala was way flustered and then tried to random him out with a variety of teams and that didn’t work either. The reality was that Bala never had experience with anyone on that level and it would be worse if he got to fight other international players because madkof is not the best.

Yes they were. Otherwise it would have been a complete blowout with Bala on the receiving end, as the parody implied. It’s not like he didn’t do a good job despite the fact that he still lost.

I didn’t say anything about the parody…but it doesn’t have to be a complete blowout for the players to not be evenly matched.

That’s not really the point - the point is that the parody is stupid. And, so is this thread in itself.

It’s a pretty pointless thread, yes…and it wasn’t a blowout like the parody indicates.