EVO 2K10 Pool Monsters SSF4/HDR-Tampa, FL-Aug. 14, 2010

Brandon Crossroads Play N Trade
2030 Badlands Drive
Brandon, Florida 33511
PHONE: 813-315-9895

xbox360 Games SSF4 and HDR
2/3 rounds, 2/3 games (All Finals are 3/5 games)
BYOC (Bring your own controller/converter/joystick)
No banned characters in super/Akuma in hdr/Outfit 11 & 12 banned in SSF4
Winner must keep their character but doesn’t have to keep same ultra, loser can change character and/or ultra
No macro/programmable/turbo controllers are allowed!! 3x PPP or KKK** Allowed**
100% cash payouts 70/20/10

Door Fee: 1x$5 door fee
SUPER Street Fighter 4(360): $10
SUPER Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix(360): $5

Saturday, August 14, 2010

SSF4 tournament starts at 3pm SHARP
HD Remix starts at approximately 5pm

We want this tournament to run smoothly and quickly. Respect for one another,Tournament organizers, and the Play N Trade establishment is expected and failure to do so will lead to automatic disqualification from tournament (forfeiting all door/entry fees)! Also, possible ban of future tournaments.

Thread Update
You can use 3X PPP & KKK buttons only. No Turbo/grab/taunt/etc programmed to 1 input. Learn to press the correct amount of inputs! Good luck and any additional rules will be explained before the tournament.

thread subscribed.

Should hopefully be there. I’m sure you’ll give me hate for it but you should stop with the EVO 2k10 in front of everything man. I don’t think it’s making that big of a difference in attracting people and such. But hey what do I know about naming events and such right.

A tournament on a day I don’t have to run immediately to work after…AMAZING.

I got off that day from work, Now I just have to ask for time off from my other 3 jobs and I should be able to go, Fuck student loans.

Your obviously missing the point. Especially coming from a person that puts CEO in front of everything including orlando thread titles after the event. It has nothing to do with EVO2k10 but more to do with us being pot monsters for that tourney"pool monsters" Relax buddy I’ve been doing this a while as well I don’t know why you have to post that and not call or text me. I forgot your better than everyone else lol See you there jebarely

You give me crap for everything, just returning the favor ;). I mean sure I put CEO with everything, because I created it so I have a right too. Don’t know what EVO 2k10 which is not your event has to do with anything ;).

Either way Look forward to it. Glad to see Tampa and Orlando are still keeping things going this year after EVO.

Going to try and make it out. Would be my first tournament for SSF4 haha, see how that goes.

good luck, make sure you get plenty of practice!

wtb teams 2v2 tourneys. Looking for non honda partner. other 49 hondas in tampa need not apply. Must be willing to carry team.

hey Prince or Brian, two folks on the facebook event page wanted an explanation on why 3x PPP or KKK is banned.

May want to clarify then that TE sticks (that have a turbo function ARE allowed, and you just can’t use the turbo function. As for 3x PPP and 3 KKK. http://shoryuken.com/f2/3-1-buttons-allowed-tournaments-178300/index5.html -(Post 108 is a good view) I think they are allowed at evo? ,and I don’t care if some pad player needs it, or even a bad stick player. Bring more pot monsters.

Yeah; I need someone to clear up that pad players can use 3xP and 3xK. It’s necessity.

Let the ruckus begin.

bronx, tell got potential about it…he’ll probably make it out there =P

Alex is right, here. It literally takes MrWizard waking up in a slightly sour mood and your shit is done. I would name your tournament something else. No hate implied, just good advice.

We are just celebrating the fact we went to EVO and came back pool monsters lol the way you explained it I guess it can be taken the wrong way. I would change it if need be but it’s just a related topic to recent events that we supported. Understood but I believe 95% of people will understand the tournament 1 month temporary title.
Thread Update
You can use 3X PPP & KKK buttons only. No Turbo/grab/taunt/etc programmed to 1 input. Learn to press the correct amount of inputs! Good luck and any additional rules will be explained before the tournament.

What if you didn’t go to EVO and was not a Pot Monster.

Am I still allowed to try and go lol. jk

Ill try and see what I can do

What no turbo fuck this then, nawwwwww ill be there to win big. and, no i am not playing HDR JUST 4 and, i want my MM with Bryant Pichardo. its on

Looking forward to this