Evo 2019 Set ups

I was at evo for the first time this year, was looking to see if anyone knows the set ups they where using. Every game i played was on a ps4 pro. Any idea what Benq monitors they where using.

Trying to find the best ps4 pro/4k monitor set up for the house. beside playing my ps4 pro ill have my HD tv box and laptop (basic hp i3) hooked up to it. Any ideas if displaying an HD image looks bad on a 4k tv/monitor?

Any tips on the better monitor to get to avoid any problems? Im a tekken player if that matters.

Thanks for any help!

They are using BenQ Zowie RL series monitors. I think they specifically use RL2455TS.


I have the older version of the RL2455 before they added the Zowie branding.
They are not bad Monitors for Fighters. But for some games like FPS they got bad motion blur.