EVO 2018 Hotel Room Help

So…the long story short of this is that the guy I was room splitting with for EVO this year bailed kind of last minute and I’m in a bit of a bind. I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this (though people were asking in here last year on the old boards), but I was wondering if anybody potentially had a room with an extra space for EVO?

Much appreciated, if so, of course.

Did you cancel your reservation already or is it still active? By any chance, it’s not a big ass suite at the Mandalay Bay is it?

Well, the actual issue is that the person who canceled was the one who had the room in their name, so on a technicality it was their reservation and not mine. I’d like to be wrong in assuming that the Mandalay is long since booked up for that weekend, but I don’t think I should get my hopes up on that one.

Okay gotcha. I’m not gonna be of much help to you but they do have rooms left. If they don’t, check out Delano, they’re on the same property and about equidistant from the convention center. Delano doesn’t have rooms as small as Mandalay, though, so they’ll be more expensive but if you can find roommates their bigger rooms with equivalent beds are cheaper than Mandalay’s.

If either of those are too expensive, check out the Luxor. Last year, I went to their food court a couple times and walked back to the convention center and the walk wasn’t that bad, it was like an extra 5 minutes compared to staying at Mandalay and it’s in the underground tunnel so you’re not walking outside.

Good luck man.

If you’re still looking for a room, I still have room for my room for EVO. Few of my local FGC buddies and I are staying at the Luxor, which you can take the free tram over to the Mandalay. It’s going to be $125 for the room split. We’re checking in on Thursday around 4 or 5 pm PST, I’ll be carpooling over there to Vegas and checking out Monday morning. If you’re interested, please contact me here or PM me.

Sorry on late replies to anyone here, but I was actually lucky enough to get someone’s extra reservation transferred over and now I’ve got a room, etc.