Evo 2012 Notables list, UMVC3, SFIVAE2012

Hello everyone,

I thought it might be nice to make a list of everyone that is “notable” at EVO this year. I only did it for SFIVAE2012, and MVC3, because well to be honest I don’t know the other games nearly as well.

Basically I ran through each pool, and wrote down anyone that I recognized. This list is not intended to be the best players or anything of the sort, it’s just people I recognize, and assume other people might want to follow as well. I probably missed quite a few people, and even listed some people that I either know are going to be there and couldn’t find, or people I think should be there. If there is anyone that you think is notable, let me know their name, and what pool they’re in, and I’ll try and add it to the list if I agree, or enough people want to follow them.

Please do not turn this into an argument forum of why certain people should or shouldn’t be on this list, this is supposed to be generalized, and some people might be interested in who’s there, regardless of skill level. I know that some of the players listed aren’t top tier, and that some of them are listed under a game that they aren’t even good at. But either which way, some people might want to know how they are doing.

During EVO I will try and keep it updated each night, and cross out people that are eliminated. Hopefully you guys can help me with that by letting me know when you hear someone is eliminated, but do me a favor and make sure you are 100% sure they are eliminated so I don’t keep incorrect records.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc … DMmc#gid=1