Evo 2010 - The British are coming!

Next year the plan is to get a proper Brit invasion going on. Hopefully we can come over, bust some heads and make some friends and all that jazz.

There’s a thread over on NeoEmpire if any other UK people are interested in a group flight or meetup or whatever:


So yeah, I was wondering if past Evo vets could help out us limeys with general help:

Whats’s the general budget required for an Evo excursion?

Any laws we should know about (drinking, gambling)?

Do Vegas chicks dig British accents? :cool:

i think vegas chicks dig any accent. not for free though. lol


Keep up the good work, and sit around on the EVO boards for all the info you’ll ever need in the next couple of weeks.

British Matchup:

:qcf: :p: if by land
:360: :3p: if by sea
:dp: :p: if by air

vegas chicks equal tourist. lol. everyone digs an accent not theres. ugh, to hungover to continue typing. barf!

Missed you guys last year!

Just your typical age limit of 21 for both, don’t drink while walking around in the streets, and casinos give you free drinks if you’re gambling.

Thank you :china:

Yeah, Ryan was representing all on his lonesome :sad:

Still managed to be one of the few guys who beat Daigo in the money match room :rock:

Hopefully this year we can get a proper excursion going on :wgrin:

Thank fuck this thread is here.

We need more people though.

So Ryan Hart is NOT the only fighting game competitor with some minerals…

Room rates I’m sure will be posted sooner or later.

Food runs 10-12 bucks a meal and up (WAY up), depending on how wild you plan on getting. Last year at the Rio there was an in-house grill with sandwiches / burgers for 10-12, and you could of course hit the Las Vegas big time buffets. Just depends what you’re looking for…at base probably 30-40 a day on food if you’re trying to keep it simple. You’re going to need cab fare from the airport to the strip and back, so fly with a group to make that easier. Since Evo is on the strip this year, cabbing is probably irrelevent for nighttime. (yay!)

Really, outside room, food and cab, there aren’t any other mandatory expenses. When the tournament day ends though, your Vegas experience is limited only by your wallet. :wink: Nightclubs run 20-40 cover from memory? Depending on the place and the night. If you’re drinking, drinks in-club are very pricy; there are places to get drink beforehand. Shows, both family friendly and awesome friendly can both be expensive. There are also ‘one or two’ places to do this “gambling” thing, and how much that costs is up to you and your luck etc etc.

Basically your big expenses are plane ticket and room. Outside food, the rest is up to you. And pro tip, your brit accents will get you places with American girls in Las Vegas.


All I know about Vegas is that the Wynn buffet = pure win

You can drink while walking along the streets in Vegas. So long as you are not smashed and making a scene. I visited Vegas for the first time about a week ago and was shocked that you could do this! It makes those $2.00 beer booths and convenience stores lining the streets the main source of alcohol purchases.

Edit: Should mention though that you cannot take these drinks into a cab or on a bus. Walking on the street is okay for drinking, but not riding in a vehicle of anykind.

This is somewhat incorrect. Las Vegas municipal code takes precidence in due to the lack of open container laws on the state (Nevada) level. Consumption of alcohol by those of legal age is permitted by those on the strip in public:


During New Year’s Eve and July 4th, you can consume alcohol in public, but it may not be in a glass or metal container.

This also applies for “special events”, which is defined by chapter 10.77.010:

So generally, during Evo, if you are walking along the strip with an open container of alcohol, and of legal age, you are pretty good.

Of course, doing something stupid with the alcohol or because you are under the influence, that’s a separate story. :smile:

I remember playing 3rd strike with you, Valle, Ryan Hart and Zak at Evo = pure win


GUYS. Just brownbag your drink. End of dilemma.

And bring some real beer over, save us from the shit we drink here. D:

i met Ryan Hart at 2k9… he’s cool people… more well mannered gamer’s coming this year is a plus in my book

-Drinking on the strip is fine, I do it all the time.
-Smoking is okay in just about any gambling area. (If I see an ashtray, I smoke in that area)
~You must be 21 to drink and to loiter in gambling areas~

-Don’t gamble on the strip, unless you’re really looking to blow money or playing SF.
-If you’re traveling on the strip, pass on cabs and buses, there’s monorails and trams for free, you just gotta find them (Bellagio to City Center is the newest).
-If you can help it, don’t eat at the hotels (cept maybe your hotel’s buffet). Every fastfood place is circled around the strip, with everyday prices. There’s a Chipotle/Panda Express/Denny’s just south of the Venetian (across the street from Mirage), that’s the best ticket for cheap filling food on the strip, imo.
-There’s a CVS on the strip, stock up on drinks and munchies there.
-If you really wanna party and get alcohol, go to a grocery store or walmart, they carry all sorts of alcohol for cheap.
-If you smoke, I’d buy smokes as far from the strip as you can, lol.
-If you see a Mexican with a bright shirt on and smacking cards together in your face, take as many as you can. (lol)

For Brits, specifically:
-You can exchange currency in several places (Fashion Show Mall’s food court has an exchange booth, off hand).
-Las Vegas people avoid the strip unless they work there, everybody there is probably a tourist. Tourists will generally be drunk, mad, and sweaty. If you wanna work your accent magic on them, best of luck. If you go to a bar or nightclub, you’ll probably get some play off of it (no promise that it’ll be cheap though).
-Speaking of sweaty, it’ll be well over 100F… it’ll remain hot even at night. The less you have to go outside, the better.

You could survive on $20-30 a day if you really wanted to be frugal and had means to travel a couple blocks. Then again, I live here and have never “stayed” on the strip. Those are off-strip prices that inflate to around double if you’re buying and living through the hotels. You just gotta ask yourself if you’re here for business (a tourny) or pleasure (tourism). Pending on how much you wanna “live it up”, it’s gonna easily start costing a couple $100 for one pleasurable weekend (excluding room costs).