EVO 2009 Player Roll Call

ALL of the EVO Players attending…let your voice be heard.

Hi…I’m DR.B

See you at EVO 2009 !!!

Hey, I’m RoyalFlush. Former T5DR Jin player who moved on bigger and better games. Representing Tatsunoko vs. Capcom of SoCal with Polymar/Ippatsuman.

I’ll be lurking around the room to watch games in session. I’m really going to EVO to play Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (running a side-tournament on the Saturday, still hoping for the invitational). I’ll also have my PS3 stick for KOFXII, SFIV, and SCIV!!!

name’s barzaad… but my more commonly used name is G.Squared… i’ll be attempting to test my skills against the best at EVo2k9 and hoping to come up above my own set baseline… i’m mainly going to get in deep and network with the FG community but also to have fun and bring my A game

i’m competing in SF4, 3S doubles, HDR, and SC4… but the only games i have a chance at qualifying in are SC4 and SF4… i’m also stoked to play T6, BB, and KOF12 fresh on the consoles while i’m there… i’ll also be trying to persuade some cats to play me in DOA4

i’ll be taking pics spectating, and learning at every chance i get… i’m also looking to do my first MM at EVO… and party like we’re in friggin vegas baby!!.. see you all there…


C-ya there.

Whats Evo? Is it some kind of STD?

I’m scared of going to Las Vegas I might contract Evo.

already infected

see u fools in vegas

first let me say keits love that avatar.

Neko here, owner of the HVGL and going with some of Hawaii’s best to EVO. Mainly there to network, meet some of the best and learn how to keep our community thriving.

I’ll see you…

but you won’t see me.

^^new evo rapist imo

i’ll be there

Hey yo its me, its me, its RDG (RUSH DOWN GOD) VDO here, just wanted to say to all that…FINALLY…VDO HAS COME BACK…TO EVOLUTION!!. If ya don’t know, now ya know ya know, and that’s the bottom line…cause VDO said so!!

I’ll be there


Hi my name is Shankar and I’m an alcoholic… wait, what??!

That’s what YOU think…

I’ll be there too support friends, possibly be playing in sf4, most likely gonna be too intoxicated for my own good… God I love Vegas…

HEY! my first EVO. entering for 3s. *plan on doin lotsa BYOC and spectating otherwise. *

Interested in watching every tournie gaem (not the entire day, but i mean some matches here, some matches there):
-mostly 3s (i’ll prolly watch every match for this when I’m not competing)
-secondarily KoFXII/TvC
-some Garou:MOTW/MvC2
-a tiny bit of SC4/SSBB/T6/GGXX:AC
-none of SF2THDR/SF4 (cept for finals maybe)

AirbrushKing is in the building. 1st EVO. About to be the 1st airbrush millionaire. Im ready. You ready. I been ready. Lets GO! Im bringin retro back. (((Guile/Iceman/Doom))) Team G.I.D. See you all there… Look for the airbrushking logo when I walk by you !(+_+)!

This will be my 1st EVo, it should be alot of fun playing SF4. The last time i played a SF tournament was back in the day playing SSFT at World’s Finest in Pico(The good old days).

first EVO for me and first SF4 tourney too.

I’m coming to bring the noise in Brawl, but I plan on struttin some crazylegs too. Time to find out if a SF noob can roll