Evo 2006 match vid request

This thread is for anyone who requests certain matches to be recorded for Evo 2006. Obviously, don’t request something that would be on the EVO2k6 DVD, like the top 8 matches.

If possible, anyone who is going to Evo please record all, if not most of Daigo’s 3s matches and the same with Ohnuki’s CvS2 matches, both in-tournament play. Much appreciated!


Nothing but Yipes.

That guy wrecks people soo fast too so it will save some space on the dvd.

WC v TX v EC 3s. Please get that down. :tup: :tup:

Since I see that Ino, Knit, Mester and Raoh are entered in AE, I wanna see how they play. That and also Knit and Ino’s K-Groove in CvS2.

Mvc2 team tournament and me vs wigfall for $1k. Those are gonna be hype!

^^i definitely plan on recording that 1g match and alot of the dips money matchs

Also, please either use a tripod or hold the camera with two hands. :smile:


I want to be where ever preppy is gonna be at… I WANT MY MATCHES RECORDED DAMNIT! :smiley:

^-- It is fairly possible that I will be bringing down two cameras, because hey, why not. So I may be recruiting for Secondary Camera Wench.

Dress pretty.

i’m trying to be the new preppy this year i got a tripod i learned about tired arms last year :frowning:

if they happen in tourny…

Yipes vs Soo
Justin vs Soo
Sanford vs Potter

CB vs Calipower, Viscant, and watts.

co-sign! Other 3s casuals aswell please. :lovin:

I might just have to do that… I wonder if EVO is doing enterance themes this year like they did in 2k4… hmmm…

Hope people sees any of these vid requests!

Someone said Duc/Soo and Sanford/Row were good matches I think…? I just wanna see anything that’s good. :slight_smile:

all 3 of sanford’s sets in pools.

SOMEONE record people that use Yang! [3s]

Buktooth, Choi & Daigo matches in CvS2.
Ed Ma & Daigo matches in 3S.

There’s a lot of other stuff I’d like to see but the stuff above is what I’d like to see the most since those are my favorite games and I use the same characters the players above use.