Evo 2006 DVD Trailer is NOW AVAILABLE!

Hey, guys. After a long delay, I finally have the DVD Trailer done and ready for viewing! Feel free ot use the new post on the front page of SRK for links, or just use the links here:

Evo 2006 DVD Trailer (High Quality)
Evo 2006 DVD Trailer (Low Quality)

Those links may be kinda slow. So Preppy was kind enough to host some mirrors for the trailer, and I’m sure these links will be better:

Evo 2006 DVD Trailer Mirror (High Quality)
Evo 2006 DVD Trailer Mirror (Low Quality)

I also have it up on YouTube as well. The quality on YouTube, as usual, is really suspect and there are lots of little details that will be lost by their high compression rates, but for those who just prefer watching things on YouTube, go [media=youtube]fXygZIhyKt0"[/media].

And finally, I’ve done a little write-up on what my mindset was when making the trailer on my blog. So if you are interested, go here.

And the song is actually listed in the video itself. So hopefully no one will have to ask. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I also really wanted to call out a few guys who helped with the trailer, giving me feedback and helping me refine it. Major props and shout-outs go to Majestros, omni, Thongboy Bebop, Magnetro, laugh, ZenFire, kabukimono, desk, and Vega Omega. Thanks, guys!


just finished
fucking ACE

nice nice. good stuff


HYPE:lovin: loved the trailer james


Good but very good shit!!!
For sure i want this dvd

6:04 mark: most ackward hug attempt ever.


omg its DL’ing!!!1on131 !

Really really good!

Cant wait to go to my first evo.

Great trailer Jchan :lovin:

Nice work~!!!

:clap: good shit


That vid was TOO hype, the daigo comeback was the icing on the cake. Can’t wait for the DVD

Awesome Trailer! Cant wait to pick up my copy :slight_smile:

wow that guy, the beast is really good :looney: :wgrin:
awesome dvds can’t way to watch them :lovin:

good shit as usual J.:clap: :clap: :clap:

Shit looks tight… See ya’ll at EVO 07’.

Gold !