Evil white Republican dupes voters

That’s some evil Karl Rove shit right there.

The funniest part is how the progressive website posted the article instead of pretending it never happened.

I didn’t know raz0r was running for office o_O

Wow, that is quite interesting. I don’t know how to feel.

It doesn’t matter on a grand scale, the GOP is a dying dinosaur. It’s voting base of Old, Straight, White, Christian, Males is dying off and their policies are growing increasingly unpopular with an increasingly diverse USA. The fact that they have to lie, pass racist, classicist and sexist Voter ID laws and gerrymander their way to victory is just a futile attempt to fight this fact. The GOP needs change.

Oh woooow, that’s top tier trolling.

Actually, he won the district II position and the folks living in those neighborhoods tend to be dumb as bricks so this “evil white” guy might actually be a good thing.


Assumed to be black. Shock that he’s white?

Dammit, SRK elected this guy.

Oh this should be a future Boondocks Episode…

You can’t hate on that strat.

Mooney’s the truth

That is an amazing magic trick.

this is fucked up an ignorant on all ends

Its fucked up of him to lie but far more telling and appauling that they voted for him while clearly knowing nothing about him. I find that to be far more egregious.

Not going to read the thread, but want to comment on this picture. I’ve never met anyone worth respecting that wants to be a “nigga”. Was this part of some crap on the dave chappelle show or something?


After reading the story that’s pretty funny. What does this say about the way Americans vote?

haha, the obvious truth about the average American voter… instantly exposed right here.

Pretty sure I’ve seen this clip on YT somewhere.

Stuff like this continues to happen b/c it’s in the white majority safe haven that’s america. The difference is the means and influence to protect yourself from your obvious bullshit transgressions. Still wrong and still not funny motherfuckers :coffee:

I honestly didn’t want to reply to this at first. This is common American knowledge. Watch Soul Man.

I think its funny. We have some dumbasses in this country.

Obama willfully launch a campaign of deception in an effort to fool the people in order to mislead the people on his policies and political beliefs.