Evil Ryu's -> Statsu Sweep List


Hey guys, I’m just curious, I’ve heard one of E. Ryu’s buffs are his sweep improved to be as some say “the same as Akuma’s” so I tested a few people, and only been able to land the Statsu -> Sweep on Balrog & Cammy. Does anyone else know or have the full list of who we can do this on?

He can only tatsu>sweep Cammy, Balrog, Rose, Dee Jay, and Dhalsim as he did in AE. Akuma can tatsu>sweep 25 of the 39 characters, his sweep is a 6 frame start up. They changed Evil Ryu’s sweep to 6 frames, but then they changed it back to 7 and gave it more active frames and a damage buff.

I don’t know why they felt the need to change it back. I assumed it was because he has new ways to combo into a hard knockdown from HK axe kick from a cl. MP and both HK and MK axe kick off a juggle. But it’s hard to get in the position to hit confirm cl. MP and landing either axe kicks off juggles normally cost meter.

OHHH I SEE! Ya I knew he could do it to a select few but I thought the 6 frame was finalized and he could do it to everyone.

I can understand the whole cl.medium -> to HK axe kick deal, but like you said you have to be REALLY close + weird hit box characters like sagat that’d be far Medium unless your REALLY close cause his hitbox is weird at the top.

I just wish we didn’t have to interchange between the two but that’ll be an evil ryu thing I’ll need to get used to.

So can anyone confirm the entire cast that whom evil ryu’s light tatsu into sweep works on?

I don’t have the list off hand but its the exact same list as akumas. check their forum out its probably stickied somewhere

It pretty much is the exact same list as Akuma. But in order to sweep Abel, I have this convenient video for the combo right here. LOL