Evil Ryu Option Selects

Okay so I’ve been searching the evil ryu threads and haven’t come across anyone posting any option selects for evil ryu is it because they’re all the same as regular ryu’s? o.O
Well if they are then uhhhh ignore this thread but if there are some evil ryu specific’s I think people should really post them up here for those who are completely lost as to what his option selects are. xD
Please and thank you (:

Jump in OS lk tatsu

This option select is only to catch backdashes. It will lose to most reversals. However, it catches EVERY backdash in the game, and you can combo into hp uppercut after it.

I think it might beat all of Makoto’s reversals besides super and EX Karakusa too.

Jump in OS lp dp

This is the SHIT versus Viper and Dictator. Versus Dictator it beats EX Stomp, EX Devil’s Reverse, and EX Psycho. I think it might trade w/ Scissors in your favor. I think it catches backdash too. If he does wakeup ultra your DP won’t come out. If he does wakeup teleport kara ultra, you will die. However, it’s safe to all teleports.

Versus Viper, it will beat EX Seismo, hp thunder knuckle, and EX Burning Kick. If she does the EX Seismo/HP thunder knuckle feint I think it will still punish her. Catches backdash.

Against Dictator, jump in OS mk tatsu, if properly timed, beats EX psycho crusher, backdash, and backwards teleport, though it loses to EX scissors and forward teleport. If you think they’re going to teleport backwards, it’s a good OS to use because the tatsu hits him meaty after the tele and I’m pretty sure you can sweep afterwards. (edit: just tested; you can only follow it up with DP)

Against Dhalsim, jump in OS mk axe kick beats backdash and teleport backwards, giving you another combo into sweep. If they like teleporting forwards, jump to jab OS mk tatsu (or U1) will autocorrect and beat any teleport though it loses to backdash.

I have a bunch of these that I was thinking of putting up on Youtube if I can get Fraps working

How do you set up the OS lp dp as a safejump? I’m a cody player. Safe jump was as easy as back throw, jump-in. I end up having to go for jump-in mixups…crossup, dive, tatsu’s…but nothing as consistent as regular ryu’s safe jump off sweep.

Either sheer timing, which is a difficult skill to master. Or you find setups where you can jump-in in ways that are difficult for the target opponent to anti-air, potentially utilizing the dive kick as well as tatsus to add uncertainty. I’ve learned enough about the game to realize I’m essentially scrub level, so keep that in mind when you’re thinking about that advice.

You could also determine which whiffed ground normals you can use to help timing. But that will tip off better players if they’re knowledgeable. But hey, whatever works.

I’m messing around with setups but for the most part I just know how to time it against 5 or more frame reversals.

However, fwd throw > back dash > jump HK is a safe jump setup that works on Honda’s EX Headbutt. Try it out on other characters to see what how useful it is.

Backthrow whiff cr.mp hold uf is a perfect safe jump.

Forward throw whiff cr.mk works as a crossup safejump against some characters.

I manually time my safe jump timing after sweep.

Just practice. You can tell how safe it is by where it makes contact with your opponent. If it’s at or below the waist, it’s pretty safe.

j. MK + LP 2x, f. LK +HP. If the jumpin doesnt hit, the super will come out. Can be done with HP, HK or d.MK instead of MK.