Everything you need to know: Yun Reference Log

Sup guys, it’s MYK from the Tekken community, from the video series for LUYG and the podcast series Avoiding the Puddle. Lately I’ve been on an AE phase, I’ve played SFIV since the beginning but never really took great interest in the game til now. Been playing AE the most lately, and if anyone knows me from the Tekken community I like to study up on characters a lot. Everyone says Yun is so easy, and all that but I know from personal experience no character is ever as easy as people say they are. There’s still things here and there, little tidbits you need a quick reference to. So here’s everything that I know about Yun as of 5/5/11. Most of this came about, being bored in class and I had to act like I’m taking notes, and this is what I’ve actually been doing, lol. Hopefully I’ll update this as time goes on.

Yun Log 7/4/11

  • Build Meter with Palms safely vs. characters jumps/specials/etc. All of Yun’s EX moves are great, and genei-jin is a given.
  • Anti-air with LK Upkicks as much as possible.
  • Learn to use divekicks properly. The goal is to try and range them so that they hit from the waist down.
  • Stay solid on footsies and learning how to delay tech imo is crucial with Yun. People mash throw after divekick a lot, delay techs if done properly will result in 1 of 3 things: blocking uppercuts, teching throws, and scoring CHs if they tried to OS throw tech.

Setups and Mixups after Knockdowns
HK Upkicks

  • nj. LK divekick safe jump (dive kick will whiff, delay tech after you land. I like to delay tech with c.mp+throw)
  • j.LK divekick to crossup (combo with c.lp afterwards, everything else is too slow to combo unless opponent wakes up with a crouching attack)
  • nj. MK divekick to not crossup or nj. LK divekick at the peak (can be reversal-ed)
  • HP Palm for pressure/chip/punishment vs normal to short backdash characters/trades with 3f DP type moves (ie. Ken/Ryu’s), loses to 5f DP moves though since later invincibility (ie. Sagat/Cammy’s)
  • LP Palm for a fake into Command Throw/c.mp vs people trying to jump away/c.lp OS LP Lunge punch for jump away and backdash/Normal Throw to be safer than using a Command Throw

Forward Throw

  • HP Lunge then dash j.LK divekick or HP Lunge nj.HK divekick for crossup
  • f+mk, slight pause, jump-in (safe jump).
  • LP Lunge, j.LK divekick
  • (Corner) 2 forward dashes, HP Palm/LP Palm
  • (Corner) 2 forward dashes, j.LK divekick

Back Throw

  • HP Lunge, safe and baits uppercut reversals. (Delay tech recommended if going for this)
  • MP Lunge, leaves you right out of normal throw ranges.
  • Forward dash HP Lunge for chip and safe on block, but not safe vs. reversals.

LP Lunge

  • HP Palm > ~
  • LP Palm > Dash EX Command Throw/nj.MK divekick or just nj. to bait reversal uppercuts

mp>hp>b+hp TC

  • Dash f+hp against jump away/backdash (not safe from reversals and focus-able)
  • HP Lunge for chip and safe on block only if they quickstand (not safe from reversals and loses to some backdashes)
  • HP Palm for meter

LK Upkicks AA

  • Dash into same oki as HK Upkicks

Staple Combos
Easy Hit Confirm that works vs. every character

  • c.lp, cst.lp, st.mp xx HK Upkicks
  • c.lp, cst.lp>lk>mp xx HK Upkicks_HP Lunge_EX Lunge

Strongest Hit Confirm Combos

  • c.mp, c.mp, st.mp xx HK Upkicks
  • c.lp, cst.lp, c.mp, st.mp xx HK Upkicks*

Safer Alt for Combo Above

  • c.mp, c.mp, st.mp>hp>b+hp

OS Crouch Tech Combo Starter

  • anything with c.mp+throw
  • c.lk x3, st. lk xx LP Lunge_HK Upkicks
  • c.lk, c.lk, st.lp, st.mp xx HK Upkicks
  • c.lk, cst.lp, st.mp xx HK Upkicks
  • c.lk, cst.lp, c.mp, st.mp xx HK Upkicks*

Canned Staples/Day 1 Combos

  • c.lk, c.lp, st.lp, st.mp xx LP Lunge_HK Upkicks
  • c.lp, c.lk, st.lp, st.mp xx LP Lunge_HK Upkicks

Combo Rule-of-Thumbs

  • c.lp_c.lk only links into other crouching or st.lp_lk
  • st.lp close/far version is the only way to link into crouching or st.mp along with c.mp itself.
  • All mp or c.mk xx MP Lunge works.
  • cst.lp>lk>mp has the most hit stun and links easily into HP Lunge_EX Lunge.
  • All combos that cancels off st.mp link into LP Shoulder.
  • c.mp also links into c.mk, but didn’t list it since st.mp has more range.
  • The ones listed above with a “*” the ender will whiff vs. certain characters, use lunge instead.

Combo Tips

  • Plinking is part of the game, quit trying to be a hero and learn to plink.
  • When doing c.mp, c.mp, st.mp xx, use this plink method c.mp~lp, c.mp~lp, st.mp~lk. If you mess up on the st.mp timing the st.lk will still link and it can still be canceled into HK Upkicks_LP Lunge.

Block Strings

  • If you see that your combo doesn’t hit, end the combo with LP Shoulder. Keep in mind that st.mp_c.mk xx LP Shoulder is NEVER a true block string. Can always get reversal-ed in between. You can use LP Palm Feint as well to keep the pressure going, though LP Palm has some recovery itself.

**Combo Inconsistencie/Character Specific Combos **
Far st.lp Whiffs vs. Certain Crouching Opponents

  • Chun-Li
  • Blanka (cst.lp might as well, don’t remember)

HK Upkicks Ender Whiffs After 4 Hit Links

  • Ryu
  • Ken
  • El Fuerte
  • Adon
  • Sakura
  • E.Ryu

cr.mp x3, st.mp xx MK Upkicks Works On:

  • Abel
  • Balrog
  • Dee Jay
  • Dhalsim
  • Dudley
  • El Fuerte
  • Guile
  • Juri
  • Rufus
  • Sagat
  • T. Hawk

Level 3 Focus~dash, c.mp x3, st.mp xx HK Upkicks Works On

  • Balrog
  • Juri
  • Dudley
  • Sagat
  • Dee Jay
  • Guile
  • Rufus

Level 3 Focus~dash, c.mp x3, st.mp xx MK Upkicks Instead Works On

  • T.Hawk
  • Dhalsim
  • Abel
  • El Fuerte (Unreliable)

Level 3 Focus~dash, c.mp x3, c.mk xx MP Lunge Works On

Command Throw Combos
Main Staple

  • c.mp, st.mp xx HK Upkicks*

c.mp x2, st.mp xx HK or MK Upkicks Works On

  • Abel
  • Balrog
  • Dee Jay
  • Dhalsim
  • Dudley
  • Guile
  • Rufus
  • T.Hawk

Meterless Ultra 1 After 2nd Hit Only After LK Upkicks Works On

Genei-Jin Combos

  • In the open you would want to use f+mk as much as possible to carry them into the corner. You can use LP or MP Lunge as well, but scaling seems to reduce much faster with Lunge. Try not to use HP Lunge to wall carry, since a lot of the times it’ll side switch and the combo will go in the other direction, unless that’s what you needed. Generally you can do 3 f+mk’s, then LP or MP Lunge then a few more f+mk or palm (if close enough to the corner) and you’ll be in the corner by then.
  • Use whatever ender you need, but the goal is to take them to the corner.
  • During genei-jin every normal is cancel-able into itself or anything else, also they are all dash cancel-able and jump-cancel-able.
  • Generally Genei-Jin combos will start off from any combo that leads into st.mp_c.mk xx LP Shoulder or mp>hp>b+mp.
  • Much like Makoto, when she cancels her recovery off her dash punch with Super she can link into her Ultra 1. Yun can do the same with LP shoulder xx genei-jin, Ultra 1 then follow through with the combo with f+mk or palm when in the corner.
  • If you’re Anti-Airing with LK Upkicks and if you got both hits in, and hit them at near the peak of their jump, you can just raw Genei-Jin then followup with st.mp~.

Mid/Full Screen Wall Carry Combos

  • HK, LP Lunge, f+mk x3, st.mp or LP Lunge, f+mk x2, Palm… (Should be in the corner now)
    One that I prefer using is HP xx MP Shoulder to start off my combos, just easier for me and looks cool, haha.
  • HP xx MP Shoulder,f+mk~ and so on
  • If you used his TC mp>hp>b+hp xx Genei-Jin in the open, use MP Lunge to followup the combo, HP Lunge goes under in most cases, unless you needed to switch sides of course.

Corner Combos
After LP Shoulder xx Genei-Jin

  • HK, LP Lunge, palm, f+mk, palm, HP Lunge, palm, f+mk, palm, HP Lunge, cl.mk JC, MK Divekick

(Corner) Mixups After cst.mk JC, MK Divekick Ender

  • If you use this ender while you still have meter you can reset the combo, obviously.
  • HP Shoulder after the MK divekick will crossup and you can continue the combo in the other direction, or if you still have meter time to keep it going.
  • Palm to not crossup after MK divekick ender.
  • If you wanna be safer, use this ender at the end of your Genei-Jin. Then just walk behind or stay in front and Hit Confirm into a staple combo.
  • Keep in mind if they’re mashing uppercuts it’ll autocorrect for them. Then you’re option is to block.

Strongest Genei-Jin Combo (That I know of)
You’ll only really be landing this one if you stunned or if you’re punishing something huge.

  • (Corner) HP Palm xx Genei-Jin, cst.mk xx HK Upkicks Loop, cst.mk JC, MK Divekick

Special Thanks to all of those that have contributed information.

Footsie Tools


  • Both close and far versions hit the majority of the cast even when they’re crouching. It’s great in combos and I like to use it just to annoy my opponents and get a reaction from them. I like to walk st.lp, walk st.lp just to pester opponents at times. Otherwise imo, st.lp is only really used in combos.


  • Probably his best footsie tool, imo. Since I can’t find any frame data posted on AE Yun, I can say from as far as I know his st.mp starts-up in at least 5f or so and the great part about it is it has a large active frame window.
  • St.mp can also kara into focus/throw, seems as if it’s the only move that really inches him a tiny bit forward during it’s animation. Also it’s weird, but it seems as though if you cancel at that last few frames, it’ll give him more of a step forward.
  • st.mp>hp is a great tool vs players that like to focus a lot. st.mp>hp>b+hp is also very hit confirmable, with a Super this simple TC poke becomes even deadlier. Though keep in mind that when you hit st.mp>hp against an opponent’s extended limb, the b+hp followup tends to whiff and you can be punished even if the first two hits connected.
  • st.mp xx into almost anything works. St.mp xx if canceled on it’s earlier frames and EX Lunge actually combos. St.mp xx LP Shoulder like st.mp>hp can blow up focus attacks, but keep in mind kinda like focusing Ryu’s c.mk xx fireball, they can let it go before the 2nd hit hits, and get a CH crumple.


  • The close version has two hits and the first hit is cancel-able into special moves. Though IMO I wouldn’t really recommend using close st.hp in combos, since c.mp, st.mp links are more dmg and pretty easy to link as it is, and st.mp is the same move close or far. Though close st.hp is not bad for an Anti-Air, LK Upkicks is still far more reliable.
  • The far st.hp reminds me of Akuma’s st.hp. Feels to be about 7f or so, I like to use it vs opponents that try to jump in from a distance. So it can definitely be used as an Anti-Air at that certain range, and it’s not bad vs other divekick characters when they’re whiffing divekicks in front of you trying to bait out LK Upkicks.


  • I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say this move is 3f. It’s also the easiest way to combo after a divekick, especially after a crossup LK divekick as well, so getting c.lp, st.lp, st.mp or c.lp, st.lp, c.mp, st.mp combos are pretty important, imo. Other than that it’s pretty much for combos from what I’ve been using it for.


  • Similar to Ryu’s c.mp, probably around 4~5f.
  • Links into itself, and st.mp and c.mk.
  • I like to use this move to hit confirm into his main max damage staple. Also I like to use c.mp as a tool for frame trap game.
  • c.mp>c.hp is a TC but I really don’t see the use for this TC.


  • Two hits, and pretty much starts off with a c.mp in the c.hp move itself. 2nd hit is actually not a bad Anti-Air for some odd reason. I also personally like using this vs Dhalsim right outside of his st.hp range, just to clip his limbs. Though c.mp does that job as well.


  • Kind of like Yun’s own version of Vanilla Sagat’s st.lk. It’s cancel-able and also combos into LP Lunge, EX Shoulder, or HK Upkicks. Good range, really fast (4f), andddd it’s +1 on block! Lately I’ve personally liked using this to pressure/annoy opponents up close, sort of like how Dhalsim’s like b+lk when close to opponents.


  • The far version looks similar to Bison’s (Dictator’s) st.hk, though the hitbox on it is really not very reliable at all for Anti-Airs. Though the animation looks like it’s kicking upwards, it has more of a horizontal hitbox than a vertical one. Though for Yang, Yang’s feels like it has a bit more of a vertical hitbox, and Yang has st.hk for that purpose as well.
  • The juice in this button is within the close version. I haven’t thoroughly tested this, though from my experience it might blow up low attacks, since his front leg is lifted off the grounded (though again, I have not tested this and I’m not 100% on it). Cst.mk can also be jump canceled into any air-to-air attack, or into a divekick. Even when not jump canceled in can be comboed off lunge or any normal that reaches I believe.


  • Other than st.mp, this is my favorite footsie tool. Great range, large active frame window, good damage, and knocksdown. I like to use this move against characters like shoto’s or characters that really rely on long range low attacks. It’s sort of slow, but once his front leg is lifted up, it seems to eat up low attacks at a distance. One common setup I like to use it after is a blocked Palm in the corner immediately followed up by a st.hk, since palm pushing back a bit and if the opponent mashes a poke out, st.hk puts them in their place. Though this is not 100% versus any attack, it’s still one of my favorite ones to use in footsie battles. Though keep in mind, if you use it like Boxer’s use c.hk, and the opponent jumped, you’re getting f-ed.


  • Very fast, probably 3~4f or so. Also I believe his c.lk also dips him down the lowest out of all of his crouching attacks, might be possible to duck under certain attacks using c.lk, though I haven’t had the opportunity to really test it.
  • Unlike Yang’s where Yang has to actually link c.lk’s into itself, Yun can easily rapid-fire it into itself.


  • Definitely not nearly as good as a shoto’s, though definitely has it’s uses. I personally like using it just outside of opponent’s farthest poke range, and buffer a LP Shoulder or Lunge if I clip their extended limb out.
  • Can’t really use it like shoto’s to go under certain moves.
  • Also not as good as Yang’s simply because of the fact that his safest followup option can still be interrupted, and if the c.mk was focused, the opponent can release it before the shoulder hits to crumple.


  • I pretty much never use or used this move, so I can’t really say much about it.
  • c.hk>hk is a TC, though I don’t see much use for it, and I also believe the 2nd hit is quite punishable on block, though I haven’t tested it myself.
  • C.hk also doesn’t have very good range at all.

Basic Overview = Use st.mp, it’s good.

Special Move Notes
LP Lunge

Reserved Post 2

Awesome! Nice job.

Excellent, also cr.mpx2 combo after command grab also works on Guile, and st.lp>LK upkicks 1 hit I’ve seen done on Zangief and Viper too.

I don’t know anything about how to play Yun, but I should mention that when I watched Daigo play in Japan not too long ago, he was using MK upkicks to finish all his combos (I could see his hands). Maybe they have more horizontal range and work after more stuff? As far as I know, cr.MP x 2, st.MP xx MK upkicks should work on virtually everyone?

Sorry if that was mentioned in your post, I only did a cursory glance.

Thanks, man I’ll definitely be adding those in there.

Great read man. I’ll definitely be keeping up with this thread.

yo… cr mp 3x st. mp works on Dudley, Juri, T hawk, Abel, I THINK sagat can’t remember clearly.

to the OP, regarding frame data, ive done translated Yun’s normal moves(minus the notes section) for quite awhile now, posted it in the other thread so you mightve missed it, so heres the link again

Yun’s frame data

Thanks man couple people have sent me the frame data for Yun since this. School just finished, so I’ll be finishing this up soon.

Why is this thread almost exactly like mine lol :confused:

I think a mod should just combine them if anything.

God damn! This thread will be hella useful.

chun clk and ibuki clp have both shutdown point blank s.mks so its not that high up on the priority chart

jump back hp has stopped almost every jump in for me. its like his baby chun jhk/ vega jhp
yuns hitbox gets so stupid

as an aside anything that links into s.mp/c.mp links into c.mk so if you think s.mp will whiff some how, XXc.mk,lp lunge will bag you that knockdown

also myk im (was) that blonde yun at r1 and i want to talk to you about something that could be good for yoooooooooon like IRL or something

you can cr.mpx3 on T.Hawk and Dhalsim as well, but you have to finish with st.mp x MK Upkicks.

as for your Genei-Jin combos, after the TC or HP palm, you can usually double palm on majority of the cast [certain other characters need specific timing]. ive been pretty consistent with it so far, then you can go into HP lunge into two more palms and continue…

hit me up via AIM or come to FFA to play some matches with me btw. quit being a stranger

Great thread!

To the OP: since you’ve been messing around with Yun lately, how do you feel about his match-ups?

Love this thread. So much information in just one post.

Yun’s the only character that could probably bring me back to this game. This guide will be extremely useful.

You got that right! :smiley: