Everything Sold

Everything is sold, no longer for sale, or simply gone. Thanks to the folks who bought something.

looks at FF7 price


http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=158717 < Black label, $55

edit: just saw the no camera part. ;-;

I’ll pm you my address for the PSP bundle so I can get a shipping quote.

lol. the one I got from you a long time ago is being ebay right now as we speak. (green label)

haha! wow.

what i sell that to you for? $20? $30?


20 for that and ggxx

damn, that’s a good deal! haha

oh well

Update- Price drops on FF7, GH2, and Tales of Symphonia.

Dreamcast on hold for Roushiei.

Sent you a PM.

FF7 on hold for Aztec Warrior

put PSP bundle on hold as well please. I’ll take it as soon as you let me know what shipping is.

PSP Bundle on Hold for StuartHayden

PM Sent. :tup:

Dreamcast bundle sold.

Bump- Price drop on Tales of Symphonia

PM sent.

I will buy the N64 set for $50.00 shipped ?

The N64 bundle is the largest I have, so its also the most expensive to ship. $50 shipped would be a bit less than I am willing to go considering how much of that would likely go into the shipping cost.

Tomorrow night after I finish getting it packed up I’ll update the thread with the exact shipping price of the N64 bundle for future references for folks.

just off the top of my head. 64 bundle will be close to 65shipped.

those games are heavy.

also, I really appreciate the lengthy hold for the psp bundle.

Yeah, I’m guessing anywhere between 65-70 (extreme) shipped, there’s a lot of accessories there too. Not to mention, the n64 was a relatively heavy console by itself.

But I’ll try to make it as cheap as possible for sure. The guy at the shipping center knows me and sometimes for larger/heavier packages, he works over the system a little for me.