Every single yahoo article about video games says this. But I'm not seeing it

copied from WiiU article:

“Video games have been hurt in recent years by the popularity of smartphones and other devices that also deliver online entertainment.”

I’m not seeing it. Phone/Tablet games dont even seem to overlap with dedicated gaming devices as far as the content offered. Does anyone else have insight?

People have been saying that because they want it to happen sooooo badly. The thing is, if you’re not a gamer (not even a hardcore one, just a normal everyday gamer), you won’t understand why underpowered mobile devices currently can’t satisfy you on all gaming fronts. :tup:

Hype created by phone/tablet manufactures as a result of rare hits like Angry Birds.

“Why bother with Civ 4 when I can just play Angry Birds?” -My grandma

It IS true.

The only reason it doesn’t seem that way is because for “gamers” (like the people who visit this forum), not much has changed.

But think about all the young kids and older people who back in the day would rock a gameboy just so they could play Tetris. Even several years ago GBAs or DSes were much more prevalent than they are now. For all of THOSE people (and there are a lot more of them than so-called ‘gamers’), phones have already won.

I teach kids 6-15 years of age here in HK and I have never seen one of them ever pull out a handheld console. Puzzle & Dragon and Candy Crush are much more appealing to them.

Why buy a $170-$300 dollar Vita or 3DS console when you can just use your smartphone, which you’re already using for everything else and can easily cover your more basic gaming needs?

They’re saying the same thing about laptops.

The games that hail from the golden age of arcade games are basically the kind of games you see on smartphones now. Challenge-based, not particularly story-centric, and almost 100% focused on replay value.

One imagines that the game industry itself lost its way at some point in catering more and more exclusively to an insular group of nerds who actually gives a shit about photorealistic graphics and cheesy storylines in their lame genre games.

In the pre-smartphone mid-00s, Nintendo’s DS was the hottest-selling platform last generation because of casual games and non-game apps. They don’t even make those games on 3DS anymore because smartphones have the market cornered on casual games and non-game apps. So 3DS is left selling like crap until the big titles come out.

Smart devices have impacted dedicated game sales for certain, but how much is debatable and probably inconclusive until PSBone launch.

I play more games on a phone than on a console, and I rarely ever play on my phone.

I didn’t know that the 3DS was selling poorly… alot of people I know(all 20 and early 30 somethings tho :bluu:) seem to have one…

Yahoo news and all associations are fucking garbage. You’d have better luck getting reliable news from /b/

It’s selling but a lot less than DS.

"Pshh Tomb Raider? I’d rather play Temple Run."
Can’t believe the guy who made Angry Birds thinks he’s going to surpass PC Gaming.

The only games I care to play on my mobile device are emulated Nintendo games like Pokemon.

Those exist?

Yeah you can get them on your Android and stuff, it’s pretty neat.

One shouldn’t even bother reading a Yahoo article on gaming whatsoever.

I’ve got every single SNES RPG worth playing, on my phone.

Which is a lot.

Seiken Densetsu 3 on a touch screen isn’t that bad.

I have a smartphone and a tablet and I’ve never once been interested in downloading any type of game on either one. The only people in my life that I can think of that do, are women.

Well when they say “videogames” they don’t say which ones. This has to be true for portable gaming. I’m carrying a phone anyway, may as well just stick to gaming on that. I doubt phones and tablets have done anything to dent console/PC gaming though. If anything they may help draw some people into gaming. Cell phone games simply don’t have the variety, and aren’t robust enough for most people to sit at home playing them instead of doing whatever.