Every Fighter Is Cheap - p1

I can’t stop laughing at Cody and slide working into throw.:rofl:

Some people take points way too seriously, in a tourny I had a guy who asked me how much PP I have online, I said 2KPP he said he had 4KPP I still beat him convincingly with Seth, but he said he didn’t know the matchup very well.

The OP is right every character has his own cheapness.

This Thread terrible.

This thread is amazing. OP has just obsoleted Scrubquotes

This. Last summer I saw Tekken 3 at a garage sale for like $2!!! That game is fuckin’ sweet, too.

Probably the only characters that aren’t cheap in fighting games would be DLC ones, but SF4 doesn’t have any of those yet. All the characters just come free with the game.

footsies is the cheapest shit

…lol at this thread

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El Fuerte mr.random bullshit :DDDDDDDDDD

Jesus wept

This is quite possibly the worst thing I have ever seen

nominated for an article

Worst thread this decade.

ha, You play on PC


You’re playing with a reactionary disadvantage. The game has bugged keyboard input; all of it is delayed by 1 frame. This problem was introduced in AE, likely a result of the new keyboard control scheme.

Nobody in this game is cheap. If you wanna a game where everybody actually has scary shit play UMVC3.

I once told Dhalsim about a 70% off sale on sneakers, and he told me that it was too expensive, and that he could get the same kicks from his uncle in Mumbai who owned the sweatshop that they were made in, at a special family rate, plus employee discount. Now that my friends, is cheap.

Light punch is cheap! Thought street fighter was all about frame data!

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I prefer it to having a 2 sec disadvantage (minimum) while trying to adapt to a stick or pad

How do you enter tournaments or play at sessions though?