[Everett, WA] Weekly tournaments, looking for groups

I run a small game store in Everett and we run weekly fighting game tournaments. So far, our Friday Smash Bros. tournaments are doing okay, but with the advent of Soulcalibur VI, and Dragonball FighterZ being the amazing game that it is, I’d like to bring in some more folks and get a more dedicated crowd for the events.

Is anyone in the area interested?
So far Smash Bros, DBFZ, and Tekken 7 are permanent fixtures on our rotation, but I’m thinking of adding Soulcalibur V until VI comes out, and then migrating to that.

Im looking to learn SF5. Any plans on hosting that?

Yes actually!

First one in awhile, we’ve had pretty bad luck trying to host them before, but we’ve had some people expressing interest lately so we are giving it another try!

Damn. I’ve got out of town guests that weekend. Hopefully it’s a good turn out and you host another. Maybe, I’ll have an idea of what Im doing too! =D