Ever wonder what kind of stuff Shin Gouken can pull off? Peep this

aka balanced gouken.

Quoted For Emphasis

You should submit the vid to SRK for front page.

men that’s the master we’ve waiting for…

So a good Gouken is literally sitting there waiting to be unlocked. Killing me inside.

That Gouken is not balanced in the slightest:P

(Would like that palm speed Capcom, don’t give the super armour and 2 hit hadous though :P)

A balanced gouken?

ex.fb with lp and mp is 2 straight fireballs
ex.fb with lp and mp is what we have now
ex.fb with mp and hp is two high fireballs

palm invincible on frame 1 and until the hitbox is active

lk.tatsu doesn’t leave ground (recovery being similar to that of a lp.dp)
mk.tatsu becomes the current lk.tatsu
all tatsu hits are hard knockdown

cr.lk is 4 frames

ultra 1 higher vertical hitbox to make it an actual AA

kongo becomes move-source-based rather than hitbox based for activation of explosion.
kongo receives immunity from armor breakers while a reversal.

There, now Gouken is a mid-level character.