Ever hear of a European Akuma player called Sencer Rdam?

5300+ PP, 16000+ BP, as of last night was ranked 32 on the European leader boards. I played him last night and thought he was really good, so was wondering if anybody here was familiar with him ?.

Booster. Comes to tourneys sometimes here but barely makes it out of pools. Hes à Nice Guy though. He Rolls with the ferdi guler crew.

He’s not good. He just does cheat to get PP.

In my opinion, he should have 1000 PP even less.

I invited him long time ago and he disappointed me.

How can you do cheat?

haven’t heard of him, but your thread makes me want to check out some replays.


You make 2 accounts and let one win against THE other.
Btw, moneymatch @ beatby?

i don’t like the mirrors. You can’t see who is better many times.

mirrors = sh1t…

So sorry. We will play for fun :).

See you there :).

Yea man.
Love to finally talk to à good akuma player in person

I played against him too a while ago in endless battle, kicked me after few matches :smiley:
Now i know why he has so many points lol.

If he hangs out with the Ferdi crew then he’s probably a loser. But hey, I’ll give him the benefit of a doubt :slight_smile:

Ferdi ain’t that bad a guy though.
IRL he’s one of the most helpful players I know.
He only lost once in a dutch tourney while we have a variety of good players here.

Here’s the grand final of the tourney.
[media=youtube]DQb25l9B7j8]YouTube - [SSFIV[/media]
[media=youtube]-d_VODvmGRo&feature=related]YouTube - [SSFIV[/media]

This went down with about 90 players I guess.
(I finished 7th)

And this was the most hype moment in Dutch SSF4 history (at the same tourney).


oh that ryu is very very good!!

who is that ryu? I never heard about him, it’s doomdomain?

Yes its doomdomainn!

Yeah, Ferdi is a nice guy, altough i never met him irl. The times we played he didn’t act like an ass like most people say.

Btw, what’s so hype about that rog v vega match?

THE ending. :slight_smile:

lol … this forum is about akuma. why is there a vid of me losing.

PS. all eu akuma suck except for my friend kurosaki

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I believe the word you are looking for is thesis :stuck_out_tongue:

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