Event Mode Confusions?

Anyone try doing Event Match 03 yet? It states, "Finish Arcade with only hyper combos doing damage (final battle excluded)… does that mean i cant do regular attacks against the enemy? If so how do i build meter? I guess i could use Morigans assist…

You can do whatever you want, but only your Hypers will do damage.

ah, thanks! dumb question -_____-

Pick Zero/Lei-Lei/Jill (anyone with a power up super) and use morrigan meter assist, seems the easiest way.

I haven’t had a chance to try out Event Mode, but I will now(some of them seem interesting).

I used Hulk on that. I spammed the meteor hyper (I forgot what it was called, it was the QCB one) after getting a few meters with BnB combos. 3 of them will take out pretty much any character.