even after

Even after modding your Madcatz SE Fight stick will the Madcatz TE Stick still be a lot better then the SE stick? Because i am modding my stick right now and if it’s still not gonna be as good as a TE i might as well just sell it and get the TE Stick…

i think its the same PCB in it, so the only difference would probably be the case. which seems more of a preference thing.

Assuming you got the same parts that are used on the TE, it should feel the same with exception of the size and the weight of the stick. Funny thing is that people often consider these two factors an essential part of their decision making.

The size is important people you may want extra space to rest your hands. The weight is important because you don’t want it to move around while you play. Again, this is just preferences that people have so if you like your modded SE, good for you. If after modding it you don’t feel content, then look at the TE.