Euro map of scenes now world map of scenes can you help me locate more

As you may know a few years ago i started a Map of UK scenes then about a year ago i made it into the Euro map of scenes now im trying to up my game to a map of the world If you have a scene i dont have listed please let me know

Hey man,

I never knew about this, the map is looking pretty good! Gotta say you’ve covered a lot of places.

I’ve just shared this on Facebook and some of the SF groups there.

I now realize based on my location (Reading, UK), I’ve got a bit of a drive no matter what.

Thanks for the share i helped create some of them groups… lol, tbh all you need to start a scene is a fb group and a bit of advertising to set the ball rolling

any arcades or fg scenes in Switzerland?

Any Arcades in Varna / варна?