Eugen Feb 15th MVC2 Results

1st: Andrew “Mix Masta Drew Dub” Blanchette (Storm, Sentinel, Commando)

2nd: Eric “Stiltman” Foley (Sentinel, Cable, Blackheart/Cable, Blackheart, Commando)

3rd: Theo “Taiga_Knee” Crooks (Magneto, Cable, Sentinel)

4th: Vitaliy “ID” Nasedkin (Magneto, Storm, Tronbon)

5th: Quentin “Synnex” Crooks (Cable, Sentinel, Blackheart)

After taking a beating from Theo, Drew "storm"ed his way through the losers bracket to meet Foley in the Finals, where Eric then dropped 2 sets of 7 to him.