EU PSN players, let's step up our game together. Skullbats EU edition #2

Inspired by the psn “get-together” thread from the SSF4 Juri boards, It’s the Skullgirls EU chat room!

The what now?
The Skullgirls EU PSN chatroom! Get together with like-minded people to get some games going, to discuss strategies or to just fill the chat with horrible puns.

Sounds good, how do I join?
Just add me or any of our other lovely members (of which I’m sure we’ll have a complete list soon enough) on psn and ask for an invite.

Oy, There’s no one in here!
Yes, some of our members forget to log into the chat at times. Don’t worry, someone will come along eventually. Which brings use to our next point…

The weekly get-together
To help you all to step up your game, we’ll be organizing weekly meetings and/or ranbats, because there’s nothing more helpful in stepping up your game than fighting over who has the biggest e-peen.

The meetings are scheduled on sundays at 19:00 GMT for now.
Sign up in this thread and for the love of whatever deity you believe in, show up on time in the chat room and any other IM clients we’ll be using.
Check out the next post for the rules, the people you’ll be curbstomping and more information that is sure to be relevant at some point.

SRK name - PSN - Version
Boodendorf - boo-ZAWARUDO - EU, US
deice- - deice- - EU, US
Eternal Darkness - E_Darkness - EU
Federal-Panda - Federal_Pandas - EU
Jokyu - rickman89 - EU
JohnnyRH - Johnny_RH - EU, US
King of Penguins. - Leroidespinguins - EU, US
Mr Peckerston - MrMemberston - EU
Russai - RS_Russai - EU
Slicd - Slicd - EU
Vulpes - IsaVulpes - EU

Skullbats EU edition #2 sunday May 27th 2012 19:00 GMT

Due to a few last-minute cancels and a few no-shows we only had two contestants this week, so we’ll be moving this Skullbats to next week.
Seriously guys, don’t tell me the EU PSN community has already died.

Sojewsy now has a target painted on his back.
Can he keep his title, or will he lose it to one of our other participants who have no doubt vowed revenge against him?

Rules ([S]Stolen[/S] Borrowed from the Skullbats thread.)
Like our US counterpart we’ll be using the Swiss system.
[]Each match is best 2 out of 3.
]Winner is not allowed to switch characters, but they may switch assist.
[]No game breaking glitches.
]If someone does not show up for their match in 5 minutes they will be given a warning, and in 5 more minutes they will be disqualified for the round
[]Someone from the match must report who won, but the winner is the one that is held responsible for it.
]Any player may choose to forfeit if they decide the connection is unplayable. The other player will simply get the win.
[]If both players agree the connection is bad or don’t want to play in it, they may report a draw.
]Otherwise, standard Swiss System rules. Whoever has the most points at the end wins. Ties are broken by tie breaker points. If there’s any further ties in the top 3 even after that, then they can be decided with a whole set of best 2 out of 3. Ties below top 3 will be left alone.
[*]Results can be reported to a designated party by posting it in this thread, sending it through the PSN messaging system or by posting it in the PSN chatroom.
None yet.

Results from previous Skullbats EU editions:
Skullbats EU edition #1 sunday May 13th 2012 19:00 GMT
And the results for our first session are in.
Sojewsy, a last minute addition to the bracket, takes home the virtual gold.
In an atleast as respectable second place, we have Mr Peckerston.
And having to make do with “just” bronze, it’s Jokyu.

The rest of the results can be found here and we hope to see you all again next week.

I can do that. It’s not a big ask. And The D is capital on E_Darkness :wink:

Don’t get more people in there. It’s already embarrassing enough with the current base exposing me for being a fraud :frowning:

Russai - RS_Russai

Throw me down there sure :slight_smile: I might not be on this weekend, but we’ll see.

Skullbats EU edition #1 is a go.
Sign up now, all the cool people are doing it.

Don’t forget eu and us versions of the game are not compatible so I won’t be able to play with russai and vulpes. Nice thread tho.

Sorry EDark, my stick is breaking down. Need to fix this.

So much hate for no working chat system in consoles. So much hate for consoles being shit.

Yeah I think we need an indication who has the EU or US version of the game until the patch fixes it.

And it’s cool. I wondered why you ended up just forward/back dashing across the stage. I discovered that I currently can’t use anyone like Fortune and Valentine. There are no substitutes for them.

Also online is a wasteland. I could probably spend hours on end on quick match without getting a single game. And the one guy I found in Europe on unranked has the NA version. This sucks. We need to expand the community more already.

Oh right, totally forgot to include my version of the game. I am on an EU copy.

I definitely won’t be around this Ranbats though. Maybe next time! :smiley:

Thanks for the games Johnny. Thanks for then helping me “up my game” after royally kicking my ass :slight_smile:

Count me in…
Jokyu - rickman89 - EU

We’d need a starting hour :b

19:00 GMT. It’s in the OP, but for you I’ll add it to the second post. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, does this mean you’re in?

I’ll definitely try to be.

I can play too.

Cool, I wish you guys luck.

King of Penguins. - Leroidespinguins

US and EU version (won a bet \o/).

Wait, actually I will be around on Sunday! :smiley: Count me in.

I’m MrMemberston on PSN (Pecker is a blocked word for usernames there), I have the EU version of the game and I’ll be around on Sunday :slight_smile: