eTokki Omni Fight Stick - Korean Edition - Turbo Review

Hello everybody,

If anyone is curious about this fight stick I made a quick review of it. This is the fight stick that SF player Laugh created and I believe Infiltration used this stick before he got sponsored by Razr.

PS…I’m not an expert at using the fight stick so please go easy on me :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any questions…Thank you!

Wish it was cheaper.

I like the quality of the stick but the price point is a bit high

It’s cheaper than a TE2+ and much better quality as far as materials go.

My favorite thing about it is the weight of it. Its built like a tank

how much is it with shipping to the states, anyone know?

Depends. I got mine shipped to my address in New York with USPS first for 52$. I recall seeing cheaper asian postal services being offered during the checkout process.

thanks, I also live in New York so that’s not that bad. damn, can’t decide between this, the panzer 3 or an all fight sticks.

Sucks these weren’t in stock when I was looking for a fightstick. Ended up with a SFIV TE with PS3/PS4 Fightboard mod, spent around 300 total too :frowning:

Personally I would go with the Panzer 3

These sticks come with the Brook PS3-PS4 fightboard too so they’re ready to go. Just update firmware if necessary and you’re good.

How did that add up to 300? :\

I got one & updated the brook fighting board with no problem

I just got a brand new Omni. I’m having trouble hitting forward, inputs register occasionally as f, d/f, f. Everything else works perfectly. Any ideas?

Anyone know if it’s easy to drill a hole into the Omni shell to install a DPDT switch?

It’s a metal shell, just get a metal cutting bit.

Depends on the switch.

If it’s a circular mount then all you need is the right sized drill bit.

If it’s a rectangular mount… then good luck.

Although if you know what you are doing, drilling two or more smaller holes for an opening and using a thin file can work in a pinch

Are you using a Sanwa or Fanta stick?

You should do a in-depth review on it.