Eternal Champions: Challenge From The Dark Side

So yeah, got this last night.

…is it just me or is this probably the confusing fighter I’ve played in a long time? [media=youtube]4ROqUZVaZ-c[/media] regularly happens, and the AI’s busy running you the fuck over to figure out anything, although I do kinda like how some of the moves have really…well, outlandish effects; Xavier has moves that switch places with his opponent, switch CHARACTERS with his opponent, and a spell that scrambles the opponent’s D-pad.

I kinda wish I could play this online, I tried with someone last night and it immediately desynched…this would be interesting to see how this would unfold – there’s even a TOURNAMENT mode, which is really teasing me

Oh and I should note, I got impaled by the tree spike about 3 times, wasn’t fun

Anyone else have an experience with this interesting little game?

I never got into it, the controls are just bizarre. The controls are kinda’ like retarded Guilty Gear controls, ya’ know? QCF+LP will do an entirely different move than QCF+MP which would do absolutely nothing.

Yeah that’s kind of one of the things tripping me up…Xavier alone has 3-button, left-right-punch, and charge moves all together. It’s definitely something that I doubt I could get into lol, but I like trying new things so I’ll give it a chance

eternal champions…ah, so nostalgic.


Doesn’t it have that retarded mechanic where you have to hold down two buttons to charge and release to do specials? There’s a reason that mechanic was short lived. Though it did exist in Primal Rage and Weaponlord.

Eternal Champions was a complete bastard to play, the AI was pretty ridiculous and the controls were horrible. Plus, I’m pretty sure there was a limit to how many special moves you could do.

… and when you died, you had to start right from the beginning again. Fuck that.

Shadow was sick, though.


Hell nah, this game and dark legend are good. Sega saturn version. Midnight all day!

Loved playing with Blade on here.

Yes! This game was my teenage years.

MK wishes it was as good as EC: DarkSide. I mean, Death as an unlockable character. Really.

Nope, special moves in this game are pretty much VF style direction presses + specific buttons. And while some of them use of the chi meter (which refills pretty quick, and a good long combo will give you infinite chi for a few moments) others are free to do whenever. And yeah, there’s some weird moves, haha. Assuming we’re talking the Sega CD one here, the Genesis game kind of sucked.

Really awesome cast, and a really fun game when you know what the hell you’re doing. Kind of becomes x-men vs street fighter style balance, where practically everyone has some touch of death combo, it’s just a matter of landing it. If only that 3rd game came out.

That’s not to say that there aren’t “Hold X+Y+Z” moves in the game. I know for a fact Trident has a few of them, and the Eternal’s form abilities (Temporary invulnerability, shark wave, etc.) all use that style.

Problem the game has competitively, is that you can chain and emptycancel normals, and some normals have long hitstun. When a chained normal can emptycancel into the same normal that was hit with, it makes for some pretty brain-dead infinites.

Jetta has one that involves nothing more than plinking Snap/Short and Thrust/Forward. This was demonstrated on my hapless Senator when I introduced the game to my local community after about a month… :rofl:

yeah she was about one of the only good things about the game. She should make an appearance in VF as costumizable clothes

well, not every game has to have 3 variants of the same move depending on what button you pressed you know, but yeah, there were some moves that werent conventional for the time and maybe even now


i see that you are back from your ban