Esports Arena Santa Ana, CA

Anybody planning on going to Esports Arena, if you have a membership, to use their FGC station? Maybe meet up for casuals on more days besides WNF?

I’m thinking of showing up for their DotA2 nights, but I’d be happy to bring out my own setup.

I’ve got a membership. I’m definitely down to play some USF4.

How does it work? is it like you just go in when they’re open and you can use the space for games? I’ve been thinking about getting a membership

Yes. On the levelupseries site it says members have access to the FGC section of the esports arena.

I’ve always wanted to go but never have…

I live pretty close to this, I was thinking of joining, but I am nowhere near the level of playing competitive. If there is a regular casual scene there, I would be like to get in on that.