Escaping the Corner with Rose

I’ve noticed that I have a lot of trouble escaping from corners with Rose.
Does anyone know some viable tactics that you can use with her?

I know that her Reflect will send her opponents flying on hit.
Her Backwards throw will switch sides and set the opponent in the corner.
EX Soul Throw will get you out, but leaves you unsafe when you land (I believe.)
And I’ve heard that EX Soul Spiral is her good/only reversal, but I usually get knocked out of it when I try it.

And jumping… well, I usually get DP’d right out of that.

So, what do you do when Rose gets trapped in a corner?

It’s called U2 :wink:

No seriously, all of those things, or just block, and never forget her awesome backdash.

Delicious invincibility frames.

When you say you get DP’d, i’m just going to assume you’re talking about a traditional shoto/Sagat.

I just played a good bit of matches with EmblemLord on the Sagat match up and I have to say, to get out of the corner with Rose if you don’t have u2 is an uphill battle. It simply comes with jabbing when you can to keep them atleast from being DIRECTLY ontop of you, poking with your when you can, and trying to score a knockdown with a drill or come kind of counter-hit xx Drill link. Once you get the knockdown, jump out of the corner and keep it that way.

Other than that? U2. Lol.

backthrow is a good options

A silly one if you have 2 bars: do a HP (or MP) spark, if you see your opponent jump towards you (which is what a decent opponent will probably do) dash cancel forward the spark on reaction and bam, you are out of the corner.

With 4 bars: Wake up Super
With Ultra 2: Ultra 2
With 3 bar: EX Soul Spiral Backdash (and go on from there).
With 2 bars: EX Soul Spiral/Backdash
With 1 bar: EX Spiral/Backdash
With 0 bars: Backdash.

anything 2 or less is unsafe 100% lol.

To get out of the corner with Rose watch how your opponent is spacing themselves from you aswell as

-Use or
-SS FADC back dash
or wait until they jump to forward dash

So basically, against a character that doesn’t like to jump all that much (ex: Boxer) the best chance is basically to either Ex.Soul Spiral, backdash, or threaten with with a follow up Soul Spiral to create some distance if you hit.

I’m not fully understanding the purpose of backdashing while in a corner.
Do you mean to use the invincible frames of Rose’s backdash to avoid an attack and then be able to counter with a throw and such?

backdash in corner is a high risk, a meaty, or OS will eat it. Just block until he wants to throw and tech, it’ll create some distance where u will be able to use cmp. If u have some stock, do cmp spark fadc clp to whatever to push him back.

And remember, after 3 clp/clk, dont fear any mindgame unless its cammy. Use cmp or st mk at this range.

Yes Sir, Luffy, Sir!

ex drill when they jump