Erik Vs The World At Evo Vegas

Well so Far look’s like Imma Own up CableGuy For a $100.00 Anybody else want it with a Killer? Also if i think u suck i just might spot u games lol get at me laterzz

Record all your MM!!!

Get em boy:nunchuck:

first to ten for 10 dollars spot me 9 games :looney:

Do it!!

Did you won that MM vs Eder at FRX? I am really asking, becauser I have not heard of the results. I heard that Eder spotted you some games, which is odd to9 me, since I believe you’re a much better player.

Spot me 10 games in first to 10 for 100 :slight_smile:

wad up G erik!!! saw some of your vids, awesome by the least

anyways what kind deal you wanna setup with me? how confident are you? you dish’n out a few spotted games? let me know

all down for some interesting matches bro :tup:

Are you serious? We spotted Eder 3 games and gave him 2-1 odds ft7 for a bill!

Result: 7-4 Erik…Eder won 1 game!

How many games will you spot me? I’m down to play you first to 10 for 30

FT10 for $30…and you want to be spotted games? We flippin benjis son…come with a hundred!


me vs. erik. ft10. Heads up.

I know the people want to see this.

-Its like showbiz-

Patter…We gotta a bill on this right?

Now that’s what the people really want to see.

Ey DO you still wanna do duc jr first to 10 for 500, and you’re gonna spot him 5 games? I’ll take 100 of that bet and with that I’ll do you first to 10 for $100 you still spottin people games?

Nothing less than a bill. I’m sure sidebets will get even more serious.

You’re done.

I’mma RahSON erik.


This Is Erik.

You gonna Rashann me oooooooooooooooooooooooK! I’ll Be coppin me some Nike Dunks with that bill u gonna donate :lovin:…Golden Nizzy What’s Poppin i’m still feeling a little sour after that reset u did on my Cable Lol so we’ll play again.

i got my little bro potter vs erik for some good change. get at me ec playas and lets set something up. this time erik, imma be yelling “you fucked up …, you fucked up…” while i tell potter to just hold up and back with sentinel when he ocvs you. payback time HAHA. jk. get at me whoever wants to back this bet.

Whats goin on MIKE!!!

i like 100-200 bills on erik.