EOS2 (End of Summer 2) - Scranton, PA - 8.31 - 9.02.2007- $200 Bonus for 3s!

Hello, again.

In celebration of the End of Summer as well as TGP’s move to a new and larger location we are holding a large three day event.

“Big Money, Big Prizes, I Love It!!” --ok, maybe not big prizes.

Anyhoo, here’s the necessary (and tentative) info.

Dates: 08.31.2007 - 09.02.2007
Location: That Gaming Place
Address: 1608 N Main Ave
Scranton PA, 18509

Event Costs
Spectator Cost- $2
Entrance Fee for playing in tournaments-$5
Entrance Fee for staying for 1 over night-$15
Entrance fee for stay for two overnights-$25
Entrance fee for staying for entire event- $30

Schedule of Events (tentative)
Friday, August 31st
Madden 2008- $10/person
UT 2004- $5/person
CS:Source- $15/person 5 vs 5 Cal Rules
Adams Family Pinball- $2/person

Saturday, September 1st
11:00 - 12:00- Registration
12:00- CS 1.6 5 vs 5 $100/team
12:30- Super Smash Bros: Melee Doubles- $10/team
1:30- Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4- $10/person
3:30- SSBM Singles $15/person
Prize Break Down
1st- $250 + %40 of Remaining Prize pool
2nd-$125 + %20 of Remaining Prize pool
3rd- $75 + %15 of Remiaing Prize pool
4th- $40
5th- $15

6:30- SSBM Low Tier- $5/person

8:30- ** Time permitting** Crews $25/crew

Sunday, September 2nd
1:00- Neo Geo Battle Collosium- $5/person

3:00- Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core *: Guaranteed $200- $10/person
1st- $150 + %40 of reamaining Prize pool
2nd- $50 + %30 of remaining prize pool
3rd- %15 of remaining prize pool

5:00- Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike- $10/person $300 Guaranteed
1st- $200 + %40 of reamaining Prize pool
2nd- $75 + %30 of remaining prize pool
3rd- %25 of remaining prize pool

6:30- Soul Calibur 3 $10/person

8:00- Marvel vs Capcon 2 $5/person


  • Domestic Release dates on GGAC are all over the place. Some have them before this event. If that’s the case, then that’s the version of the game we’ll use. Otherwise it will be played on import PS2.

As mentioned earlier, this information is tentative. The dates are solid, but times may change. Games and tournaments may be added/taken off, etc.

I will be running most of the events on Day 3, so if anyone has questions/suggestions/concerns post them here, PM me, or contact me in whatever fashion you’d like to.

For general questions regarding the event itself or games on the first two days contact Nick, the owner of TGP (That Gaming Place) on Aim at: Giants625.

Thank you,

looks fun, expect me there.

I will def be at this to play some 3rd Strike and GG, we have alot of local support and garunteed money, If alot of people from these boards show for this the garunteed money will grow for the next event. We want to give our local gamers a chance to play with the best!

this is definitly interesting if work permitts me i will see about coming to this event. if we can get ST in this tourny that would be nice i need to practice that game

I can definitely see squeezing in another tourney or two on Sunday. For example, I don’t see NGBC needing two hours. Yeah, there’s a little bit of a local scene for that, but even with some out-of-towners, I don’t see it lasting two hours. For reasons like that, I think ST could fit in there somehow.

I’d love to see ST (and some other games, heh). If enough people want it, I’ll run it with the person running the event. (I basically just run these games, heh)

I’m in.

could i be coming out of retirement for this? what do you think kyle?:wgrin:

I probably will not be making this because of work, but if I can get that Sunday off count me in.

I dunno, I think you might be too busy playing Gears of War. But if you’re not, I hope you do come to this.

HE WILL WIN IF HE COMES BET IT!!!:lovin::lovin::lovin:


I’d support that, got a copy of Classics 2 (along with 1).:smile:

Bring it on, the more the better.

I will be at this awesome event! Therapist, expect me to OWN your Chipp! :arazz:

count me in for this im back bitches FLARE GET AT ME DOG!

I’ll be coming for 3S only.

fair enough, you have said you’re retiring from Marvel after evo.

so would everyone be up for ST or would you rather have team tourneys? One person suggested Melty Blood (not a huge fan of the game myself). We’ve also got HNK, and I’m personally really diggin’ Super DBZ, heh.

I still say we can have another tourney or two during the day. What would you want?

MM? im down if your down

I think if the crowed is big enough (And I hope it is) we should have a GGAC teams tourney!

I would personally like to see some Super DBZ and some Hokuto no Ken there. Those are two good games that are very under appreciated in my opinion.