Ensuring your demonflip is safe

hey all, i’ve been having a problem lately (possibly because i dont fully understand how some characters new ultras work) but after a sweep or a throw, i attempt to do a flip thinknig its safe but instead i sometimes eat an ex move, or sometimes even a wakeup ultra. is there a certain timing to make sure your demonflip lands safely and they’re forced to block or it at least stuffs moves so you dont get hit by a wakeup ultra? in order to get in range after a throw or a far sweep i will often take a step or two forward, is that the problem? Thanks alot for all your help guys :smiley:

To learn more about the new character Ultras, you just have to play and spend sometime in training. Though, about your demon flip needing to be safer, they are never 100% safe. If they were 100% safe, the game would be broken. What you have to understand is:

Some EX moves have absorbing mechanics (Balrog’s EX punches), that will take your flip kick/sweep and make you eat it that attack.

Some ultras have invincibility frames (Akuma’s ultra) and you will eat an ultra if they start it up when you are about to contact when a demon flip attack.

But what you want to try to do is to make sure you demon flip KICK (not throw or sweep) connects right as they are getting up. You want to work on this timing because one split second too early, you miss and get punished. One split second too late, and you can get EX’d or Ultra. You can stuff their attack if done appropriately and go into your block string or hit confirm into BnB.

No idea what you are talking about here. Stepping forward to (I am guessing) to do a demon flip? If so, it’s not about the positioning as much as it is the timing.

Just to add, what I am talking about are wake-up demon flips being safe. If they are on their feet already, and demon flip is not 100% safe, ever. They can always forward dash and make you whiff. Or they can jump and attack. Or anti-air. It’s basically a guessing game of what they try to do to what move they think you are demon flipping into.

With the stepping forward part, i think he meant that after a knockdown, he walks forward for two steps and then performs the demon flip.

yeah i meant after an untechable knockdown (sweep/throw) i perform the flip with the kick. so on some characters/ultras, this is completely unsafe?

Basically, yes. Some characters you can dive kick with without too much risk. Others, you’ll just have to learn to do without. Ryu is an example of a character that you should practically NEVER dive kick on when: he has EX and/or Ultra meter. All he needs to do is do a reveral DP that trades with your dive kick and then he’ll Ultra you while you’re still falling losing many hit points Akuma can’t afford to lose. What you need to do is to learn to use dive kicks to bait stuff out. Like instead of doing dash-dash MK DF Dive kick after a throw (Exploding Heart Technique) do an HK DF whiffed palm to bait the DP so you can punish him afterwards. Others that I wouldn’t dive kick on wakeup are Cammy, Gen and Fei Long to name a few.

Others like Guile, you need to start the Dive Kick at the peak of the Demon Flip’s arc to stuff his Flash Kicks. If you try to meaty them, you’ll end up trading or getting hit out of it if he uses EX. This tactic works against Chun-Li also if she tries an EX SBK on wakeup, however, you also have to make sure the dive kick is aimed right at the middle (her crotch for a lack of better terms) or you get hit out of the dive kick.

One last thing you should think about is that Akuma has 4 options out of Demon Flip: Slide (press nothing), Dive (press kick), Palm (press punch) or Throw (press LP + LK). And you also have to consider that you can give them each 4 different types of range with LK, MK, HK or EX, so you really have 16 options for Demon Flips: no one ever said you need to aim them so you connect every time. Mix them up and become unpredictable. Once your opponent can’t guess what you’re going to do next out of demon flip - are you going to kick? Throw? Palm? Or you going to come right at him? Come up short? Cross up? Go over?

Once you get inside their heads, you’ll start to connect with it more often.

you dont demon flip safe unless u use palm, however you crossup tatsu safe if done correctly it beats everything or causes srk/ultra to whiff