Ending the chicken combo

Ok, I know it sounds scrubby of me to ask, but I’m having difficulty ending my chickens with a super (SA II, SA III) Do I have to be really fast to get the :qcf:,:qcf: ? I usually buff the first :qcf: after the second chicken, then hit another strong and :qcf::mp: It isn’t too difficult connecting on an American stick, but I’m usually playing with Jap sticks, which for me makes it incredibly difficult. Any pointers? :angel:

Keep practicing. Try it both ways and see which is easier for you.

Go in tranning mode and get it knocked out. Thats what I did, it took me a few hours to understand the timing on the chicken. Watch videos, and look at the timing. Man of Gold is on youtube.

well, like, i usually buff and i want to stop doing that. i noticed in higher level oro play that if they land both hits off close standing strong, they can follow it up with another close strong xx super. i don’t really think this can be buffed, so i’m guessing they’re just really really fast. also, does anyone know how to link s. short, s. forward, human pile driver while tengu is active? guess it’s another thing i’ll have to practice. :karate:

Buffer it when you can, for some reason walk forward close mp to really fast super cancel is easier than doing it in the middle of a chicken combo, at least for me. The short>forward>piledriver is done by making sure that the short>forward is not done as a target combo. So, short, link foward(NOT cancel to), then piledriver.

so, if i’m not buffering, just be super fast?

Seriously man watch the Oro training video. WATCH it closely and you will understand the timing. Nobody can tell you something without you actually experiencing it for yourself. Shotos have different launch timing which is Later than other chars. It comes down to the feel of the launch, now after playing oro for awhile I can tell when I mess up a lunch or if its success just by the timing.

Once again the ORO traning video honestly made me a monster. I learned everything in that video. It’s extremely helpful.

Also go (http://forums.shoryuken.com/archive/index.php/f-91.html) because your question/future question might have already been asked.

i think it’s already be established that i’m not asking about the timing in connecting the forwards or chickens, i know the timing, it’s the canceling from the last forward that i’m having trouble with. most characters can buff the first :qcf: with a low forward or something, then after hit confirming they can quickly throw in the next :qcf: and drum. this isn’t so with canceling close standing strong into tengu. attemping to buff the :qcf: with your strong will result in his spinning backfist. therefore, you must buff before if you are going to buff at all. but i’m guessing most higher lvl oro players don’t need to buff, they’re just fast in getting those 2 :qcf: out. i was just asking pointers on how to improve this without buffing, but i guess i just need to practice canceling really quickly. :karate:

p.s. thanks for the link.

i noticed i had that problem too…i end up just doing it quickly as soon as i see that last hit