Empty TE Stick Case

Do you think or know of a place out there that sells empty TE stick cases?

It’d be pretty cool to have such a source. Maybe some place in China making cheap knockoffs :stuck_out_tongue:

thx for replying


you’re welcome

keep your eye on the trading forum. I’ve seen some people sell defective or gutted TE’s.

The TE is already a cheap Chinese knockoff of the panel part of a Vewlix. Mine says “Made in China”

This. You may not save too terribly much though with a gutted case considering the TE sells new for $100.

Wasn’t someone selling an mdf TE style case? I can’t seem to find the thread anymore.
Hit the trading outlet and look at Voltech’s thread, his cases are the same kind of style as a TE, paint it up and you’ll have something very close.

He’s not making any at the moment. Shop closed. It’s sad.

well yes you are right…
you must have an on the trading forum specially those related to 156-315, 70-237 or 646-230 so that there may not be any trouble in the future…:annoy:

Pro spambot if I ever saw one.

You can get MDF ones from ebay here.

They’re from china so they’re probably low quality though.

maybe you would like this one